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How Long Does it Take for Parvo Symptoms to Appear After Exposure?

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How long does it take for symptoms to appear after being around parvo?

By Marcia from Foresthill, CA


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By amber09/11/2010

If after a week of exposure and the dog hasn't lost its appetite than everything should be ok but if he looses his appetite your gonna have to force feed him baby food wit chicken n it, plain yogurt and thing like that, that's easy on the stomach and keep pepto in its stomach to keep the food down and make sure it has plenty of water and after touching the exposed animal wash your hands good before touching a different animal, humans aren't able to get parvo and it is curable if you do what I just said and after a few days of him being back to normal give him a parvo shot. I hope this comes in handy and useful. Its what the vet said when my pup had gotten parvo, he's now 4 months old and very healthy.

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