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Family Reunion Camping Locations

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I am in charge of a family reunion summer of 2008. We have people who will not camp, people who do not have money, others who love to camp. Every time we have a reunion we usually find a camping place to please those who don't have money. The people who don't camp end up just coming for the day and then leave. Is there somewhere that is inexpensive and will accommodate both campers and those who do not like to camp. Preferably in the Northwest Wyoming, Utah or Idaho. Any ideas would be greally appreciated!

Debra from Utah



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By Rondi (Guest Post)06/12/2008

We used to camp for our reunions, which are 4 days long. The last few years we have been going to fairgrounds. They have a building with a kitchen, rv hookups, tent spaces, and usually a nearby motel. We break up cooking into families, so each reunion you only have to cook one day. We have a lot of people so that works. We have an auction. Each person brings a handmade or sentimental item. We have earned a lot of money at our auctions and 20 plus years later the "committee" pays for everything from food to t-shirts. Even camping fees. If you are so prudy you have to stay in a Motel, you have to pay for that yourself. Anyway check out fairgrounds. They are perfect.

By Mindy (Guest Post)03/17/2008

I work at Tropical Palms Fun Resort and we provide RV sites as well as cottages. We also have site where tents can be put. I believe this resort would be a remedy to your dilemma. Please contact me at 407-791-6178 ext. 345.

By Jan (Guest Post)08/13/2007

We do a family camping reunion every year with my husband's family. We find a campground that's not too far away so the ones that don't camp can come up for the day or stay at a local hotel. It's been working for the past six years.

Good luck!

By Mary. (Guest Post)08/06/2007

We are in the same boat be we are looking for something in Il, KY, MO or VA...any ideas. We have about 40 pepole, 9 familes. We prefer something where linens are provided and a place to cook our on food. Any ideas?

By Cherie (Guest Post)07/03/2007

Try the Heber Valley RV park., they have tent camping, rv hookups, yurts, cabins, and a large pavilion available for group use.
Also one of the state parks in So. Idaho has tent sites and cabins available.

By Jen (Guest Post)05/31/2007

Hey there, I am also in Utah and have attened many a family reunion. I don't kow how many people you have or what the kid to adult ratio is but Cherry Hill in Kaysville is always a big hit and is really affordable. It has something for everyone (swimming, arcade and mini golf type stuff) and is fine for campers or day visitors. It is close to SLC so if your reunion lasts more than a day or two you are close to all the city stuff too.

If you want a 1 day reunion that is super cheap and also has something for everyone try Liberty Park in SLC. It has several great playgrounds, a pool ($), tennis ($), the bird aviary ($), wadding for the kids, paddle boats to rent ($), 4 or 5 carnival rides ($), a snack shack, beautiful walking paths, duck pond, amazing shade trees and great picnic areas. It is a full and fun day and you can do everything at the park with a family of 4 for around $50. You can call 801.972.7800 for the full details and prices on stuff. Again close to all the city stuff, Trolly Square, Sugar House, Temple Square and The Gateway. Good Luck and have fun!

By melinda05/31/2007

My hubby's family has big family reunions every 2 years and some camp while others don't. They use a church camp that is near can camp, but you can also use the cabins that are provided. Its great since there are nice restrooms and mess hall. Something to look into for your area.

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