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After a night of drinking, I puked all over my boyfriend's car. I had it cleaned by a car detailer, but the smell is still there. How can I get the smell out of the car?

Brittany from Toronto, CA



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By Sigal 1 06/23/2006

I use disinfectant spray (Lysol) for that purpose. works perfectly.
You can also spread baking soda and leave it overnight, then vacum.
Or put an open can of black coffee to absorb the odour.

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By Sara C 1 84 06/24/2006

You might also try washing the area with some white vinegar or a paste of baking soda and water. Good luck with this mission and remember to not drink so much next time!!!

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By Paula Jo Carr (Guest Post) 06/26/2006

Take your car to the fire department or EMS ambulance center. They have things to get rid of the bad smells in vehicles when someone dies in it!

The cost is FREE! After all they are public servants and work for the community which is you so use them to your best advantage!""

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By Mary 12 195 06/26/2006

Found this on the internet. You can also try saturating the area with a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. Let it sit for a few minutes. Then, using a clean white absorbent cloth, blot the area, pressing down firmly (do not rub) for 30 seconds. Repeat this blotting process until the area is dry. If the stain or odor persists, repeat the process.

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By Joyce 4 32 06/27/2006

I had a problem with cigarette smells in a car I bought and having asthma I could'nt stand the smell. I took it to someone and had it cleaned no luck, but, a car dealer told me to take a bowl of fresh coffee grounds and a quater slice of an apple and put the apple in the grounds and place it in my car, amazingly it works!! No more smell. It's worth giving this a try.

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By Marisa (Guest Post) 06/27/2006

My husband went out with the guys one night and smoked a cigar. As if that wasn't bad enough, he then got into MY car and made the whole thing cigar-stinky! The nerve of that guy. Anyway, I got some Febreze (I think it was the car-specific kind) and thoroughly sprayed all the interior fabric surfaces, then cracked the windows and left it for a day. By the next morning, the smell was completely gone. I was amazed!

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By Kate Page 8 27 06/27/2006

My husband has been guilty of doing the exact same thing in my car!!! We had it detailed but still that awful smell was there. So, I resorted to the old fashioned remedy of sitting a bowl of vinegar on the floor of the car overnight. It took 2 nights - replacing the bowl with a fresh one each night - but it worked perfectly! The vomit smell was completely absorbed into the bowl of vinegar!! An open bowl of white vinegar will soak up most strong odours - including the smell of fresh paint in a house!

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By Becki in Indiana (Guest Post) 07/04/2006

Tuck a couple of new fabric softener sheets up under the seats. Don't tell him you're doing this -- guys tend to think it's a sissy thing -- but it works!

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By steveri (Guest Post) 07/10/2006

i was told by a old school bodyshop owner they used "wet Coffee grounds"under the seat for a few days to rid the smell of paint and bondo,bet it would work on throw up.

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By Robo Girl (Guest Post) 08/31/2008

Try ozum spray. I had MAJOR skunk odor, sprayed it left it overnight, next day, GONE! I keep a small can on hand in the glove box now! Very affordable. Took that out would probably work on the vomit.

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By AMD (Guest Post) 09/22/2008

The best thing ever! Untreated charcoal briquettes.

I shampooed twice. I used baking soda, I used vinegar with NO results.

Put a bag of untreated charchol briquettes and overnight the smell was gone! The only thing that worked for me. This is the easiest thing to do. Just open the bag and leave it open over night and magic.

Trust me this works the fastest, and the best!

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By meggoody 1 10/07/2010

We had a pretty extreme case of this, all over the backseat of my husband's car. Even after shampooing everything, the smell was still there, and very strong. I tried two of the things I saw posted here and miraculously, overnight the smell was gone. I covered the area with baking soda and left and open box in the car just to be sure. I also left a bowl of white vinegar on the floor of the back seat. Not sure which was the cure, but the smell is gone!!

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