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I am searching for ideas on reusing glass flower vases. I want to do something with them for a Christmas bazarr. I have all sizes and shapes of vases and rose bowls. It needs to be something easy and inexpensive, as I have many! I hate having to toss them.

Thanks, in advance, for any 'solutions'!




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By Harlean 141 425 10/16/2004 Flag

If you know how to crochet, there are patterns available for crochet flowers and instructions to attach them to stems. You could put a few flowers in your beautiful glass vases. Here are a couple links to Michael's website where some of these patterns are available for free. Here are a couple links.
Great gifts also for friends in the hospital.
Harlean from Arkansas

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By Ginnie Wilson (Guest Post) 10/16/2004 Flag

You can use the smaller vases as candle votives. Just put small colored candles in each and tie ribbon around the top in the same color. You can get the candles at dollar stores very inexpensively.

Also, the larger ones will make good holders for potpourri. After filling, cover top with lace, tulle or doily and also tie ribbon around the cover. Also find potpourri at dollar stores inexpensively or make your own.
Hope these help.

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By Annie Rios Hill 14 1,777 10/16/2004 Flag

My husband noticed surplus of empty vases
and (he's a keeper) so he took them to
local florist and got great deal and I
had flowers free for each season. The florist
took the vases and each season gave him
a gorgeous arrangement. Works for me!

Annie~Butterfly~ in MO

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By Linda L. 83 323 10/16/2004 Flag

I would decorate them nicely with ribbon, bows, greenery, pinecones and any Christmas craft stuff on hand, then tuck in some fresh greenery and the smells of Christmas enter your home. Especially nice if folks have a fake tree. Or use them, decorated, as containers for anything. Well washed they can hold food-maybe homemade cookies or granola, bath salts, and if they are the really big ones, a bottle of favorite beverage. When my dad broke his leg a neighbor gave him a vase with a bottle of liquor in it, hidden by a very ugly spray of plastic flowers. We all thought it was a really tacky gift, until we discovered the bottle hidden within!

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By Kelly (Guest Post) 10/16/2004 Flag

Get a small strand (50 or less) of white christmas lights (found mine at the Dollar Store), bag of poutpourri, a lace doily big enough to cover the opening of the vase, and ribbon. Fill the vase with the lights and poutpourri. You want to add each a little at a time so that the lights are mixed in through out the poutpourri. Make sure you leave the end of the light cord out of the vase. Put the lace doily on top of the vase (you may want to use the glue gun to help hold it in place) and tie the ribbon around. When you plug this in, it looks beautiful, and the lights heat up the poutpourri enough to release the scent. It does not get hot enough to burn though as long as you use a strand with a small number of lights (I used 50, but if you can find fewer that is even better).

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By Julie 3 86 10/17/2004 Flag

You could get multi colored tissue paper. Red, Green, Royal Blue, etc., and glue torn pieces onto the vases. Then put a candle inside each. My son did this one at school with a small jar and I have two (2) slender vases that I bought to do this to. The effects are beautiful.

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By Michelle (Guest Post) 10/17/2004 Flag

If you have fabric around the house, it makes a cheap and easy way to decorate a vase. Cut the fabric to fit the vase but allow extra material at the top. Place a rubberband around the neck of the vase and slip the fabric on the inside of the vase neck, under the rubberband. It's nice to change them for the seasons or even special events.

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By Peace (Guest Post) 10/21/2004 Flag

I collected some vases and clear jars, added sand and shells. Buyers loved them.

I made smaller ones with plastic jars for preschool discovery table and secured lids very tightly with glue. In addition to shells, I added other interesting items such as a small toy car. They played "discovery" with them, by shifting the jars back and forth to see what would "come up."

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By Angela Lawson-Smith 8 10/29/2004 Flag

All great ideas! I'm very visual so I recommend visiting this site and either posting your question or doing a search of the forum for past posts. There are many, many pictures!! HTH.

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By Leah Johnson (Guest Post) 05/27/2005 Flag

An inexpensive way to decorate for Summer is to put lemons in the bottom of a vase or bowl and then put a few blue silk flowers coming out of the top

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By (Guest Post) 03/29/2006 Flag

glass painting or glaze pens could be used to decorate them.

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