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Wedding and Reception Locations in Dallas, TX

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I am looking for inexpensive wedding site for ceremony and reception in Dallas, TX. Can anyone please help?

Ruby from Dallas, TX



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By Chardu03/29/2011

FYI - the Receptions on the Main has a new name, "Glory House Catering". But, I'm definitely going to look into them!

By larrilynn04/08/2009

Brookside center has rental prices starting at 35.00 to have to book through the recreation dept.

By Jo Goin03/18/2009

There is a wonderful reception facility in Irving called Receptions on The Main. It is in the Heritage District and they provide full service including linen, centerpieces, food, china, staff, etc. Their pricing is really great. Check out their website or call 972-259-2964.

By Katie (Guest Post)02/12/2009

White Rock lake has a great house for rent- look on the Dallas parks and recreation website. It is only 400$ to rent and they have tables and chairs, you bring your own food and alcohol. plus you have an amazing view. Wish we were getting married there, but we opted to get married at my parents home instead. Best of luck.


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Archive: Wedding Reception Locations in Dallas, TX

I'm looking for a place to have my wedding reception in Dallas, TX. I'm also on a very low budget. Is there anywhere I can make this happen with my own catering?

LaToya from Dallas, TX

RE: Wedding Reception Locations in Dallas, TX

ST. Martins Place on MLK Blvd. is a beautiful old mansion that has been restored. It has a gorgeous staircase and there are areas upstairs and downstairs. (09/08/2006)

By cyn69

RE: Wedding Reception Locations in Dallas, TX

Check out the arboretum on Garland Road, lovely settings. (09/10/2006)

By cjgeo

Archive: Wedding And Reception Locations in Dallas, TX

Where can I find a cheap place to have a wedding and reception?

Charlie from Dallas, TX

RE: Wedding And Reception Locations in Dallas, TX

Where ever you have it in Dallas, make it indoors! You know how the weather is! If using genuine flowers, ask the florist which are in season and the least expensive. Or make your own from pre-fab materials, and do it something like a month in advance because there is always something going on at the last minute.

Make sure each and every brother and sister (and their spouses) of the bride and groom have a flower or corsage for their lapel (don't ask - looong story) even if they are not participating in the main event.

If you are catering it yourself, I'd ask family and friends to bring over punch, punch bowls, ice, glassware, finger sandwiches... instead of gifts. This is one day you don't want to have to mess with the minute details.

By cookwie

RE: Wedding And Reception Locations in Dallas, TX

Local church hall, YMCA, YWCA. Call local hotels as they might be less expensive than you think and already have the tables and chairs.

By cookwie

RE: Wedding And Reception Locations in Dallas, TX

Look for: "wedding venue dallas texas" in google.

By cookwie

RE: Wedding And Reception Locations in Dallas, TX

Have the wedding in your home. Invite family and a few close friends to it. Cater the wedding yourselves with help from family of course. Have a reception in your backyard or community room of your apartment building. If these don't sound good to you, elope and celebrate when you get back. Your family can throw the reception for you at their home too. Take plenty of video footage of the wedding and reception. You will love yourselves for it later. Well good luck.

By Tanya

RE: Wedding And Reception Locations in Dallas, TX

I used a wedding chapel, my flowers were real plants that the family took home as a remembrance. I rented all the dresses including the wedding dress, and the wedding chapel provided everything for one low price. We got married at 11:30 AM and only provided the cake, nuts, mints, and punch. Then everyone went out to eat while we left for our honeymoon. (04/28/2007)

By Tina

RE: Wedding And Reception Locations in Dallas, TX

We were looking to have a out door reception and keep the cost down. Our family was worried about rain and the hot sun. We checked into our local hockey rink. Rental was $30.00/ day. We now have protection from rain and sun. Also we have a lot of space. We just need major decorations, for all that space.

By Nancy

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