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I'm trying to get rid of these tiny ants around the house. I've tried mixing borax with sugar and water, using the recommendations. However one ant I saw drank it all and other ants just crawled around it. I know they're meant to carry the solution back to their queen, but how would they do that with water? I would've thought they would just carry back the sugar and borax on their backs. Do they carry the water solution in their mouths and just spit it out to their queen?

By Phoebs50 from London


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By katrina 5 232 09/18/2010

See if you can tell where they are coming into your home at; then sprinkle borax there; or grits (not instant) or corn meal; you can also put lavender leaves around the area; this is what they do in Germany so I am told!

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By shirley dobie 11 61 09/21/2010

I use icing sugar and borax dry. Put it in a pill bottle and cut a hole in the cap big enough for an ant to crawl through. Sure does the trick here.

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By Beth 25 1,120 09/22/2010

ONE ant DRANK it all? I don't know why but that made me laugh. I'm sorry I can't help but thanks for the smile and you seem to have a good sense of humor yourself.

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By Linda 1 25 09/22/2010

First, are the ants really tiny and black? If so, they could be what we call sugar ants. They are coming for the sugar. When we had ants in the kitchen, I sprinkled nutmeg across the window sill and the bottom of the door. But, you really need to find the place they are coming into the house and sprinkle nutmeg across that space. Good luck.

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By Judy = Oklahoma 60 751 09/22/2010

They're going to eat it & go back to the nest. I think they feed some of it to the queen & it kills her. I also think that when they die from it, the other ants eat the dead ant & die too-that's how it works with cockroaches.

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Getting rid of ants is easy. Mix sugar and borax together and sprinkle it in the path of the ants. The ants will take it back to the nest where the borax will kill the ants' food supply. Too bad for the ants.

Archive: Use Sugar and Borax for Ants

Sweet-eating ants are attracted to a simple mixture of equal parts of 20 Mule Team Borax and powdered sugar. When they eat it, they carry it back to their nest and it wipes the population out. It works!

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By ericksonjmarie from Blaine, MN

RE: Use Sugar and Borax for Ants

Borax does have some repelling traits to it so you may have better results cutting back from the 50-50 mixture to less than a 10% mixture. One teaspoon borax to 12-15 spoons of your bait (sugar, jelly, syrup). (02/05/2010)

By larflu

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