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Swim Party Ideas

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My 14 year old daughter wanted to have a pool party for her birthday. Her birthday is in February, so she waited till summer. We have a pool in our back yard.

She wants to have it for 5 hours. We have decided on a luau theme, but I'm not sure what activities they should do. They are 13 and 14 year old girls and boys. They will be going to swimming and having cake, but that leaves 2 hours of nothing to do. She wants to have the party from 6 to 11 pm so we can do fire works. What else should we do?

By cassie from PA


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By alison [2]07/20/2009

For 14 year olds, you can have a diving contest with the diving sticks you buy at kmart or walmart or I think even the dollar store has something similar. Then for the winner give em a buck or two or a prize? Another thing, Water balloon fights are fun, Playing a dogs.

By susan [5]07/20/2009

Music and dance while everyone is arriving. Games, snacks, karioke. Maybe set up a movie outside. Later, swim and play games, eat cake and open gifts. Watch the fireworks. Besides the limbo, try twister, horse shoes, volleyball, anything that will keep them active and let different groups do different things. Good luck!

By Lelia Jo Cordell [49]07/19/2009

Limbo contests are always a winner - "how low can you go?" lol! Pool volleyball with mid-sized beach balls could be fun, too.

By Janet [7]07/19/2009

How about the limbo game/dance?
How about a karioke machine (away from pool)?
Decorate individual cupcakes or 3 or so larger cakes (in groups - award prizes).

By Meemaw [49]07/16/2009

I would say to include some fun pool floats from the $ store or ask each guest to bring their own for racing. My son bought a whale to ride for a tubing weekend. It was the funniest thing to see him riding his whale. His girlfriend had a boat because she didn't want to get her hair wet (that was short lived). Might could find something like that and have some races. A beach ball to bat around the pool, water guns. Make sure there is music playing, plenty of food and they will create their own party.


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Question: Ideas for a Swim Party

I need some ideas for what to do for a swimming party.

By Brenna from Poolville, TX

Most Recent Answer

By Lelia Jo Cordell [49]05/09/2011

No "P" in our "ool," lol! Love it. :D
When you say "pool party," the first game I think of is "pool volleyball." You do it with a beach ball of whatever size works best for your crowd. That's gentler than the regular volleyball. (Remember the scene in "Meet the Parents!")

Question: Ideas for a Swim and Dance Party

I was thinking about having a dance party, but I also have a swimming pool. What I was thinking we could do is that go swimming for a hour or so and then change into clothes and dry our hair and then dance. I will not have a dj, but will program some songs on my dad's amp. and just have them repeat, but I will have a lot of songs.

This will be happening at my house so we were thinking about getting rope lights and Christmas lights for decoration and tikis for around the pool. It will probably start around 4 pm so we can end it around 9. I'm having 20 people so far, but 3 are boys and I am still adding people. Any ideas for anything else? For the people who don't want to dance there will be a ping pong tables.

By Katie C.

Most Recent Answer

By Teri Van Hecke [7]06/11/2011

Katie, sounds like fun, but I'd be careful with the Tiki torches and dancers! Is there something else you could use? What about those little solar lights, all around the yard/deck/pool? What about a limbo? Have the non-dancers hold the limbo pole, to participate! What about getting a bunch of cheap flip-flops, fabric, ribbon, and plastic flowers and have a flip-flop decorating table, or just have the guests bring a pair (so they know they'll fit) and you provide the decorations! And, have a toe-nail polish table nearby to add to the foot-fun! Tell us how it goes!


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Archive: Swim Party Ideas

I'm having a 13th birthday party in August and I need ideas. It's going to be a girl/boy swim party at night, and my crush is going to be there so I am worried the party is going to be a disaster. Please help me!


RE: Swim Party Ideas

Have you thought of a Hawaiian theme? Cheap grass skirts for both boys and girls. Hula contest with dollar store batons for the guys to whirl. You could use streamers on the baton ends for the fire baton effect. Have drums for the boys to beat on (what boy could resist making noise?!). You might get the music at the library as some do lend tapes and Cd's. That way you wouldn't have to spend extra for the theme music. You could still have your favorite music too. Mix it up. Play one theme song with a contest then play a few of your favorites. Leis and leaf head rings are available at party stores. Or you could make a contest out of making leis. The guys have to make one for the girls and the girls make one for the boys. Good luck. And if they are really your friends there is no way it could be a disaster! (07/13/2006)


RE: Swim Party Ideas

Make sure the party has lots of adult supervision. You don't want all your friends' parents to think you are the girl who has parties where boys and girls hook up and do things they're not supposed to do. A swim party at night just sounds risky. (07/13/2006)

By Allison

RE: Swim Party Ideas

Try not to be nervous just because the boy you are interested in will be there. Just be yourself. Obviously he considers you a friend, or he would not come to your party. Treat him as your friend and if anything is meant to happen for the two of you it will progress naturally. I think you should plan some fun games in case the party starts to drag. If everyone seems to be having fun without organized games, go with that. Make sure you have lots of good food and music. If you have the mindset that your party will be fun, it will be! (07/13/2006)

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