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Recipe for Lunch Meat Casserole


Does anyone know a recipe for a lunch meat casserole? I have a ton of leftover lunch meat and I don't want to freeze it. I thought of a casserole because I know my hubby really likes them. I am open to ideas.

By Jessica from UT


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By Frances Adams 11 554 07/23/2010 Flag

I would try just about any casserole, especially the ones that ask for bacon or ham. Hash Brown casserole would be great with that, it usually doesn't call for meat (basic recipe includes a bag of frozen hashbrown potatoes, cheese, etc, with a cereal topping). There are all sorts of breakfast casseroles with eggs, bread, cheese, that you can add that to. You might even want to try a lasagne, just cut the meat up into chunks or slices. Hope you find lots!

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By AJ 7 26 07/23/2010 Flag

What about grinding all the various types up and making a "ham" salad out of it? I used to do this when I was married and working full time and there was days it was just easier and quicker to do a fast sandwich instead of a full course meal. We would mix pickle loaf, bologna, ham, chopped ham just about anything and everything went it to the salad.

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By Linda from Bloomington, IL 76 172 07/24/2010 Flag

How about cutting it up, add cheese, and make a Chef's

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By cettina 78 392 07/27/2010 Flag

I make a continental frittata with ANY leftover meat including luncheon meat. Just google the recipe and I'm sure you will find one that suits your taste. I use leftover mashed potatoes, cabbage, eggs, onions and cheese plus any meat in mine. Try It's cooked on the stove-top then put under the grill to brown a bit.

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