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Removing Permanent Marker from Table Cloth


MIL gave me a very old white damask cotton table cloth. A dream - heavy, white with a design woven in it. The problem is she put her name in black laundry marker pen in one corner. Her whole name in huge letters! How can I remove it?

kiwi from Israel



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By Mindy (Guest Post) 07/31/2007 Flag

RIT dye remover is probably your best bet. I have no idea whether it's available in Israel, though! If you do find RIT or another brand of dye remover, please use it carefully. It's powerful stuff! Good luck!

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By joy 5 10 08/01/2007 Flag

I found a solution to getting dark blue permanent marker off my new rug. (I opened the pen and out came a bunch of gooey ink, right onto the new rug.) The stain was huge, about three inches either way and deep into the rug. It took awhile, but I poured rubbing alcohol on it, and then applied a terrycloth rag and applied pressure. I did that about a hundred times. Even when the stain seemed to be gone, more ink came up on the terrycloth rag. Note - you need SEVERAL terrycloth rags. I had cut up 3 or 4 old towels for this purpose. But it honestly worked. Rubbing alcohol is amazing for ink stains. Hopefully it will work for your tablecloth too. Since the tablecloth isn't as thick as a carpet, it shouldn't take as long but I bet you will see good results. For a tablecloth, I would put the terrycloth rag under the stain, pour on rubbing alcohol, and then put another rag on top and apply pressure. Do not rub. The pressure should bring the stain up into the rag. One caveat - that mark on your tablecloth may have been there a long time. My solution works best when it is a new stain. Good luck!

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By (Guest Post) 12/20/2007 Flag

Please help me. My daughter wrote all over a cotton bed sheet in permaneant marker. How do I get it out please email me at minifishy at hotmail dot com

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