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Treating Dog's Ears with Vinegar

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I found a post from a fews years back where you say the vet recommended white vinegar in your dogs ears to prevent infection. Can you please tell me if you pour in the vinegar or just wipe the ears with it? Thanks! Happy Holidays!



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By nicole (Guest Post)01/13/2009

I did 50% vinegar and 50% water and put it on a cotton ball, my dog has not shaken her head all day. So far so good.

By tahlula [4]01/08/2009

Do not pour anything into a pet's ear!

If anything that drastic is necessary, leave it to a vet. You could injure the animal or cause an infection. Liquid can get trapped and animals can't communicate well enough t let you know. Stick to just wiping gently.

By Di. (Guest Post)01/05/2009

Do not pour any liquid in their ears. Just think how that would feel if someone did that to you. My vet recommends peroxide for the ears on a cotton ball or Q-tip - but, do not put the Q-tip down in the ear. Just use on the outside surface of the ear gently. And, it always a good idea to ask your Vet.


I use cotton balls to clean my kitty's ears ... Please don't place any fluid (other than a prescription that might require it) inside any creatures ears !!!

By Janette [91]12/29/2008

I just dip a q-tip in white vinegar and swab my dogs ears. It is a disinfectant and a deodorizer. Do not pour the vinegar in the ears. ~Janette~

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