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Substitute for Ascorbic Acid when Freezing Apples

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Is there a substitute for abscorbic acid in freezing apples?

By Susan from San Diego, CA


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By Grandma J [46]02/21/2011

Salt does not work, it does not inhibit the action you want with the apples. The salt will draw the moisture out of the fruit/veggies and result in freezer burned produce rather quickly. And you could not mask the sodium in the reuse of the apples.
You can use lemon juice or plain orange juice. They are high enough in acid. You can use some citric acid mixed with water. This is what powdered lemonade is made from. It can be found in natural foods sections of the grocery.

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By Lilac [18]02/22/2011

I wouldn't use vinegar because it will change the taste of the apples. Use orange juice or lemon juice diluted with water. That's what restaaurants use when putting sliced apples or bananas on a buffet table.

By Jonnie Shambarger [2]02/22/2011

I use a pan of water with white vinegar, a ratio of a couple of tabelspoons to a gallon of water (I don't actually measure, just a good 'glub' from the vinegar bottle) to slice my apples into and then when I get them all peeled I put them into my freezer bags and get all the air out. I keep them up to a year like this with no freezer burn and they do not turn brown.

By Ann Winberg [282]02/22/2011

Any fruit juice with acid will work, it can be thinned down pretty thin and still work, the trick is to keep the apples submerssed for me if I am out of Fruit Fresh. I keep it on hand year round. We use in when we grind our horseradish in the fall also. We put up around 120 1/2 pint jars every year with friends. Nothing like the fresh horseradish.

By lavonneann [6]02/21/2011

Lemon Juice or Salt

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