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Crafts Ideas Using Boa Feathers

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A week or so ago someone gave a suggestion on a few ways to use the long feather boas from the craft stores. Could you please submit those ideas again?

By Dottie28 from Dansville, NY


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By Becca25 [11]10/04/2009

If you have a little girl, sew to some tulle for a playtime ballerina tutu. Glue a strip to a headband. Glue a strand around the edge of a table. I done this with a cheap circular table from walmart ($5).

Line a picture frame to match. Look at the photo ( of course chose your own colors ). You can wrap them around a can for pencil/drawing utensil holder. Weave around a curtain rod with a matching curtain. Customize that princess' room!

RE: Crafts Ideas Using Boa Feathers

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