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Is .925 Silver Worth Anything?

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Is .925 silver worth anything?

Beth from Mt. Sidney, Va



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By Nikkole B.10/16/2012

BTW, 925 can be slightly magnetic if there is nickel in it. If it's alloyed with copper, it's not magnetic. I had a short chain that was silver and barely magnetic.

By Nikkole B.10/16/2012

Same, I bought a sterling silver bracelet at Value Village. It's a complete fake and a great imitation. My best deal was these earrings $1.00 no tax at a garage sale. I think they have black onyxes in them. They are pretty. If they were fake silver, my ears would be allergic and hate them:P I cannot wear fake metals and plated metals, I get hives and reactions like nuts

RE: Is .925 Silver Worth Anything?

By Jay (Guest Post)09/20/2008

It is sterling. You can not make anything from 100% silver. It would fall apart. You need a little copper or something similar to hold it together and make it durable enough to be worn as jewelry.

By Jess [119]02/01/2008

Be warned. I bought a bracelet in Mexico and it is stamped .925 but is NOT silver. It appears to be silver plate. I was playing with my boys and a magnet stuck to it.

If you are shopping for silver, use a magnet to test it to be sure. A magnet will not stick to sterling or .925 silver.

By Janice C. [18]02/01/2008

Sterling silver (regardless of country of origin) is 92.5% pure silver. That's why it's marked 925. Sterling silver may also be marked SS instead of 925.

All silver and gold that is sold has to be marked to show its precious metal content. Pure silver and gold are too soft to hold a shape, and so base metals, like copper, lead and nickel, are added to give them strength.

The current price of silver is about $16.80 per ounce. One of the reasons it is valuable is that, besides being used in jewelry, it is also used in many manufacturing processes.

Don't throw it away. A jeweler can melt it down and make something new out of it for you.

By betty webb. (Guest Post)02/01/2008

That is the way Mexico marks sterling silver.

By LuvMyGingerKids [45]01/30/2008

It just means it's almost pure silver. It's worth about the same as sterling.

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