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Use Epsom Salts for Dog's Itchy Skin

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My Maltese, Molly, had awfully itchy skin, so after spending hundreds of dollars on treatment I tried Epsom salts in her bath water, and it did the trick. She also had a badly infected eye from rubbing her face on the ground to ease the itching, this has also cleared up much to our relief. I put a handful of Epsom salts to the bath water, and if it's a bad case rinse twice making the last rinse another one with salts in it.

By Suanne from Australia



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By Keith P.10/14/2014

How much salt to add to the water?

By Pixiedust7 [7]02/23/2013

Thanks for posting this tip! I don't have the problem right now with my pets (3 cats at this time), but I will remember this for the future. Thanks also to the people who suggested fish oil. These two suggestions are great because they are natural, non-chemical solutions, and I always try to avoid strong drugs or chemicals if at all possible. My suggestion - if you wash your pets' bedding, don't use fabric softeners (sheets or liquids) on them, as those contain many toxic chemicals, which could cause allergies, or worse. (I constantly posting warnings about them on TF.)

By vicki hood [4]11/29/2011

Change in diet is in order. Poor baby has an allergy. Most likely to corn wheat or soy. NO grocery aisle dog food. NO science diet (first ingredient is corn) . Better store, groomer that sells good food, co op, livestock supply. Cook healthy things. Feed some raw. Veggies and fruits are healthy.

Not even her cookies can contain any corn wheat or soy. A very reasonably priced kibble is Diamond lamb and rice. More expensive a a little better still is Evo. Dry Borax in carpets. Allergy may have started after vaccines. They destroy the auto-immune system. You might check on thuja, a homeopathic product that helps with vaccine poisoning. The fish oil is a really good recommendation.

By friendful08/23/2011

I think my dog has California itch.from what I read, from my last question, epson salts is better then the fish oil?

By friendful08/23/2011

I like the idea of giving your dog fish oil tabs for itchy skin. I have a 12 lb. dog how much do I give per. lb of dog?

By Patti [1]02/17/2011

I have never used epsom salts, but I will give it a try now. Other than getting my long haired Dachshund prednisone shots every 2-3 months, which I have stopped myself because the vet himself said that continuing to give him the shots could cause joint problems. We don't want that! I have been putting a tsp of olive oil in his supper evey night, it does seem like the itching and biting have settled down a lot! But the next time I bathe him, Epsom salts will be in the bath with him! Thanks!

By Judy [14]09/11/2010

You can buy fish oil tablets in vitamin sections. By true experience! don't cut one and squirt it in food, the juice smells like old fish. When I'm feeding breakfast I coat tablet with peanut butter or cottage cheese and softly hide it in food bow.

By Judy [14]08/31/2010

Some dogs just have dry skin. When I rook my dog to vet and after numerous, expensive tests she told me to feed the dog one or two fish oil caplets in it'food. I had to hid the tablet and coat them with peanut butter or chottage chesses but it worked amazing within a week-ten days.

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