Cleaning Cigarette Smoke Residue Off Paneled Walls


How do you clean paneled walls and get cigarette smoke film off?

By Brandy


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By Frances Adams 11 557 11/09/2011

When we moved into our first home, it had the same problem. First, get 2 really cheap sponge mops. I mopped the walls the first time with bleach and hot water, just mix according to label directions for general cleaning. After that dried, I did the same with Pine-Sol, then the same thing again with Murphy's Oil Soap. The last thing I did was rub over the walls with the 'liquid gold' types of wood preserver.

Use the first mop for the bleach mixture, and the second for the Pine-sol, oil soap washes. I just used all our rags to put the Old English on the walls.

If your home is like mine, it will be on the ceilings, the floors, carpets, and inside the kitchen cabinets, even inside the fridge. All of them got the same treatment. The carpets got pulled out and replaced with linoleum.
Good luck to you!

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By Tanya 4 77 11/11/2011

For paneled walls, you could try Avon Skin So Soft. Water could discolor paneling so if you must use water solutions, do so sparingly. Dusting sprays such as pledge or old gold are also good for cleaning paneling as is Murphy's oil soap.

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By Frugal Sunnie 11 1,645 11/10/2011

You could also try a half water-half vinegar solution to wash the walls. Test a spot to make sure the solution won't affect the paint or varnish appearance-I've used it on many a painted and varnished wall over the years but there is always a first time this could cause an 'ugly':)

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By Sandi/Poor But Proud 447 2,068 11/10/2011

Trisodium Phosphate. It's designed to clean for pre-painting. The best thing I have ever used.

Hope that helps.

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