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Removing Perfume Smell From a Room

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I had company over the weekend, she used way too much perfume. How can I get the smell out of the whole room? I have laundered some things and tried laying others outside. I sprayed clorox on the bathroom floor and the smell still is making me sick. I feel like I am going to have to move!



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By Ann (Guest Post)09/12/2005

Try spraying vinegar in the room. Also, try setting out a bowl of charcoal (that you grill with). The coffee grounds work also.

By sandy (Guest Post)09/12/2005

I have air cleaners that plug right into the wall. I bought them at the grocery and Target. They cost about $25.00 and have an on/off switch. It cleans the air "no perfumes". I can't stand the Glade air cover things cause that is all any of that stuff does is cover up, but this is like a mini HEPA filter.

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By Joe (Guest Post)12/17/2008

I hate that too!

By pm omoth [2]09/12/2005

A member of my family smokes when my DH is at work. He is very allergic to smoke. So I spray with OUST a couple of times and it does the trick. You can get it at supermarkets, drug stores, Walmart, just about anywhere.

By (Guest Post)09/11/2005

You could try placing shallow containers of fresh coffee grounds around the room or try cinnamon. I have put cinnamon in a fry pan and put on low heat to remove odors. If you have an electric fry pan, or slo-cooker you could use that instead of a fry pan on your range.

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