Puppy With Bad Breath

By Christy 1

How can I cure bad puppy breath? I would like something that is cheap or free.

By Christy from IN

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By Angie 3 Flag

January 11, 2010

Hi, when a pup has bad breath it's usually because he has worms (usually a smokey kind of smell). I find Panacur 10% liquid is the best, you can find this cheaper then the vets at caninie chemist, or he could have a little infection. :-)

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Archive: Puppy With Bad Breath

Please tell us what to do with Puppy Bad Breath. He is a Silky Terrier. Your help appreciated.



RE: Puppy With Bad Breath

I am no VET, but if it is still a pup- it will eventually loose the puppy teeth, but in the meantime- they (walmart, petsmart, etc.) sell toothbrushes and toothpaste that are safe for puppies and dogs and also milkbones (or dentabones) help. It's very important to take care of dog's teeth because as they get older, they will develop tartar and they will fall out if not taken care of. (01/13/2005)

RE: Puppy With Bad Breath

We had a puppy that had that problem. The milkbones for breath are a very good idea. We found out our puppy had part wolf and instinctively was eating her waste to hide her scent. You might want to make sure there's not a logical reason the puppy's breath is smelling bad.

By Deb

RE: Puppy With Bad Breath

I would make sure she's been checked by a vet for a possible health issue that might be causing it. Also a good dog food is important. Many cheap dog foods have so much crap in them they could cause bad breath. (01/13/2005)

By Vic

RE: Puppy With Bad Breath

Rita, have you had the puppy checked for worms? Or it's teeth checked? Worm infestation can cause bad breath. Bonnie (01/14/2005)

By Ztwain

RE: Puppy With Bad Breath

We had the same problem and switched to the expensive puppy food and the problem was gone. The good news is the more expensive food is higher quality and the puppy will need less to be satisfied, making the price difference almost even. (01/14/2005)

By Lynn

RE: Puppy With Bad Breath

I have had that problem before and both times it was some food item that was stuck in between the puppies teeth. I would suggest a vet also. (01/27/2005)

RE: Puppy With Bad Breath

I don't know how old your puppy is but normally bad breath in a dog is from the a bad tooth, teeth, or the teeth needing cleaning. The bad breath in my dog was cured by having the teeth cleaned and there were a few that were bad. Unfortunately I now have another older dog with horrid breath, but since they have to be put to sleep to clean them, she would not make it. There also is toothpaste just for dogs. Do not use regular toothpaste. Guess they would do better if they got brushed daily, just like we do. Oh, yes, there is also a doggy mouth spray, but I would get rid of the problem not cover it up. (02/13/2005)

By Vanna

RE: Puppy With Bad Breath

As mentioned before, the food is an important factor. If you give the dog canned food then do yourself and the pup a favor and buy the good stuff.

Our dogs breath was so terrible even on the expensive canned food, so we switched to a dry food only diet. Just make sure to wean him off the canned food over a couple weeks and make sure to give him more water in his water bowl to replace the water he would have gotten from the moist food. As a side effect of this change we didn't have to deal with our dog's relative gassiness.

Theres also a dog bone product out there called "greenies" My dog loves them and it really helps clean their teeth. (07/30/2005)

By Orion

RE: Puppy With Bad Breath

I have a poodle with bad breath. I took him to the vet and he had a couple of teethe pulled. I was told it's a poodle thing. Be careful, I had bought at PetSmart liquid breath drops for dogs and it gave him temporary paralysis. It stopped as soon as I discontinued the drops. My grandmother used to use Binaca breath spray on her dogs. (08/08/2005)

By Pugsley1979

RE: Puppy With Bad Breath

I have a 12 week old Pomeranian. Symba had developed bad breath a couple of weeks ago. The breath that smells like really bad salmon. We cured Symba's breath problem with "greenies." You can find these at online pet stores, your local pet store and Ebay. Symba loves his greenies. (11/14/2005)

By familyofworship

RE: Puppy With Bad Breath

Oxyfresh Pet Oral Hygiene Solution! You just add it to their drinking water! It is doggy mouthwash developed from their people mouthwash. And it will help keep tartar and plaque off their teeth and clean of the tartar and plaque they do have.

http://www.oxyfreshww.com/cjm (02/27/2006)

By cj1617

RE: Puppy With Bad Breath

They make ropes "laced" with baking soda and other teeth cleaning agents, and are even woven to include pieces of "floss"... these ropes can be found in larger pet stores. (10/05/2006)

By Dee

RE: Puppy With Bad Breath

My puppy will be 6 months old on the feb 25! Just about a week ago her breath started to smell just awful! Last night she lost her very first baby tooth(that I know about) and again today she lost another one! I am assuming that her bad breath may be from her puppy teeth! What do you think? (02/21/2007)

By Lara

RE: Puppy With Bad Breath

What a coincidence. I was looking up "puppy with bad breath" on the internet and found this site. My dog is also a silky terrier, less than one year old, and her breath is stinky!! She did used to eat poo when she was little, maybe she still does but has become better at hiding that habit. But I will try some of the tips given here. (10/18/2007)

By Robin

Archive: Puppy With Bad Breath

Any advice on bad puppy breath? Puppy is 7 weeks old.

Colleen from Buffalo, NY


RE: Puppy With Bad Breath

If you are feeding your dog wet/canned food, start him on dry food. The soft food may be getting stuck in his teeth and rotting, thus causing the bad breath. We have always kept our Shadow (14 years old now) on dry dog food and he has never had bad breath, not even once! (11/12/2007)

By Sally Pifer

RE: Puppy With Bad Breath

When he has his adult teeth, let him chew on those big soup bones from the meat department or butcher. Dogs who chew on real bones regularly, rarely have bad breath or yellow teeth. (11/12/2007)

By Lynn Beth

RE: Puppy With Bad Breath

All young puppies have skunky breath. You can change foods and everything you want and eventually it will change to normal dog breath. You will think it is from changing foods or giving them certain treats it will only be because they have grown. I am not sure why but we used to raise puppies and they all had skunky breath especially before 12 weeks of age. I know some will say I am crazy but in my experience it is true. (11/12/2007)


RE: Puppy With Bad Breath

I don't see any postings regarding anal glands and bad breath in dogs, so here goes an unpleasant subject.

Dogs have glands around the anus that usually are emptied out when the dog has a bowel movement. These glands can fill up if the BMs are soft or loose. When they fill up they are uncomfortable so the dog will lick the area then kiss you on the face.

If it smells like ROTTING FISH, it is very likely the anal glands need to be expressed. Some groomers will do this for you but you have to ask. Of course your Vet can do it and teach you how. It's no big deal, you just need some latex gloves and a clothespin for your nose.

Dry food makes the stools firmer and that may help. Also certain breeds are notorious for getting clogged anal glands.
Good luck! (11/14/2007)

By nancycorinne.

RE: Puppy With Bad Breath

Ok. Puppies with bad breath is usually an indication of a kidney infection or a throat infection. At that age, a throat infection would definitely be preferable, because a kidney infection can be very fatal to a puppy of 7 weeks. The reason I know this is because I had the same issue with my currently 6 week old puppy. She's been to the vet clinic and that's what was suggested. GOOD LUCK! Take your puppy in to the clinic ASAP.

-Veronica (12/04/2007)

By Veronica

Archive: Puppy With Bad Breath

My golden retriever puppy has horrible breath and a consistent case of gas. Any tips on freshening his breath? He gets a small amount of soft food mixed in with his hard food each day. I've tried dental sticks, bones and specialty treats.

Mel from Atlanta, GA


RE: Puppy With Bad Breath

Our kitten had bad gas when he was on kitten food. We tried him on different high end brands of kitten food to no avail. After consulting our vet we were advised he was old enough to go on adult food and we haven't had that problem since (well, at least it wasn't as frequent anymore!).

For the cat's bad breath we picked up some tooth paste at the vet's. It tastes like chicken. :) Whenever it stinks, we do a quick brush with it over his teeth and gums (just a couple of swipes with a kid's soft toothbrush). He doesn't like it, but it only takes a couple minutes, and he likes the taste. Works well to reduce the smell. (02/09/2008)

By Kelly

RE: Puppy With Bad Breath

Hi Mel From Atlanta! I'm Paula from Savannah! I too have a golden...lovely dog! Check the roof of your puppy's mouth. I had a dog once (a stray that I took in) that had a stick stuck in the roof of his mouth. It had been there awhile, the flesh was growing around it. Had a bad infection. Got him straightened out with a trip to the vet. Good luck with your pup! (02/09/2008)

By Paula in ga

RE: Puppy With Bad Breath

I would change his diet, as he isn't digesting everything if he is getting gas. That means no table food. Get a better quality dog food like Science diet, Iams, I personally use Eukanuba which is total digestive. This will make the breath smell better. If it doesn't work take him to the Vet. You can look on the bag and it will say totally digestible.
These foods are more expensive but worth it in the long run. (02/09/2008)

By Sally

RE: Puppy With Bad Breath

Check roof of mouth for small stick. My pup has done this to herself twice now. The stick breaks to the width of her mouth between her molars and becomes firmly lodged, then starts to stink to high heaven after a day or two. (02/18/2008)

By Paul

RE: Puppy With Bad Breath

My 6 month old mini dachshund has horrible breath and teeth falling out. Is this a normal thing for a 6 month old puppy? (04/21/2008)

By Carly

RE: Puppy With Bad Breath

When we bought our first Golden puppy she was only 6 weeks old and had terrible breath. We called it skunk breath because that's what it smelled like. We were told that it was from the Mother's milk and that it would disappear in time and it did. I always kept a hardened bone for her made by Red Barn. They come individually wrapped and are filled with many different flavors and they come plain or basted. She loved them and would chew on them obsessively. Her teeth up until the time of her death were beautiful and she never had bad breath again. Her vet was very impressed with her beautiful teeth. (05/30/2008)

By Beverly

RE: Puppy With Bad Breath

My puppy had very bad breath and body odor when we brought her home from a local shelter. I started using a product I found online called The Pet Beverage. I just add a little to her water everyday and after about a week, she didn't smell anymore. No bad breath, body odor and her coat even looked shinier. Every pet owner should try this product! Especially if you are like me and let your pets sleep with you at night! There is nothing worse then waking up to your dog slobbing you with kisses with bad breath! haha

http://www.adbio.com/pet-beverage.htm (06/25/2008)

By Joni B

RE: Puppy With Bad Breath

My puppy just started getting bad breath, and she is now 4 months old. She's losing teeth like crazy, so I'm assuming it may be linked? She eats dry food only. (08/06/2008)

By Amy

RE: Puppy With Bad Breath

My shoodle puppy has really bad breath. We give him dental bones but it doesn't seem to work and he's losing teeth. (09/24/2008)

By amy

RE: Puppy With Bad Breath

My opinion...

Puppies probably do not have developed "predigestive enzymes" in their mouths like humans do, and I would guess, adult dogs probably do. Though we have bad breath at times, it normally is not like a puppies (except those adults with deficient nutrition).

So the food particles ferment and cause a rotting odor. Remember they are designed to suck from the nipple til 8 weeks, and then start with food brought by their mother, which I would guess is meat, meat, meat.

In humans, at least, proteins are not digested in the mouth at all, they are broken down by stomach acid, then digested in intestines. Carbs are broken down by saliva that forms when food is in mouth, that slimy feeling in the back of one's throat (if you chew long enough that is!). This pre-digests carbs...which are then cleansed in the stomach (not broken down) and then further broken down in the intestines.

My guess is that puppies are better on meat, less of a rotting smell, until they lose their temp teeth., just a guess, no research done on puppy enzymes in mouth. Adult dogs need a 50/50 carb/protein mix...puppies may need (another surmise) a bit more protein.

I think the more carbs (cheap dog foods are loaded with carbs hidden in those little mystery meat chunks, you know those neat little square "meat cubes") Even expensive dog foods have carbs in their meats. I would suggest beef for the puppy mostly (some carbs, even fresh fruit snacks, little ones 1/2 hour before eating-gives you time to prep his food while the snack digests). Just hold beef in the air over a puppy, then do the same with dog food (the response is quite dramatically different).

I am not saying no carbs, just that a puppy instinctively has an attraction to meat..a lot. (12/20/2008)

By Bud

RE: Puppy With Bad Breath

I started using a product called the Pet Beverage that has helped. I started a few months ago with my 2 dogs. One had really bad puppy breath and the other had really bad gas (it would clear the room it was so bad!). I just added it to their water everyday and I noticed a big difference after about a week. I was surprised at how well it worked! (12/23/2008)

Archive: Puppy With Bad Breath

I got a puppy for Christmas. He's 7 weeks old. He's part golden retriever and part Rottweiler. He has really bad skunk-like breath. It's so bad that it makes me feel sick. What can I do to fix this problem?



RE: Puppy With Bad Breath

Congrats on your new puppy! I have a 5 month old husky and a 1 year old Shepard mix. They grow up WAY too fast so enjoy them now!

I have been using a product called the Pet Beverage from BioWorld Products for a while now. It has been amazing. I got my Shepard mix from a local pound and she had really bad body odor and bad breath. I started using the Pet Beverage in April and have not stopped using it. It works great. It is very safe to use on all ages of dogs and it is easy. I just add about an ounce to their water dish every time I fill it and I have noticed a big difference. If I run out, I even notice that their bad breath and body odor come back. So I do know it is the product!

Don't give your puppy the dental bones. I made that mistake with my Shepard when we first got her as a puppy. It didn't say on the box not to give it to puppies so I gave her one. She devoured it within seconds and so I was concerned and went on their website and on there it said not to give it to puppies. They should have put it on the box somewhere big!

Good luck with the new puppy! The potty training is the hardest! Ha.

http://www.adbio.com/pet-beverage.htm (01/09/2009)

By Katie

RE: Puppy With Bad Breath

Oh yeah, and about dog gas, I heard it can be caused by highly digestible dog food. I give my dog science diet which is highly digestible. The vet told us we should probably try another food. I just bought like 5 bags because they were on sale but I might be changing soon. If you do change, you need to mix their old food with the new food. Otherwise it will upset their stomach! (01/09/2009)

By Katie

RE: Puppy With Bad Breath

Some pups eat their poop or eat cat poop. Why? Because they find it interesting! They also like to lick their butts, so bad breath happens there too. Buy a baby soft toothbrush and just use plain water and rub their gums and teeth GENTLY. A tiny dab of doggy toothpaste for pups. (01/10/2009)

By meoowmom

RE: Puppy With Bad Breath

Puppies normally have skunk-like breath; they will outgrow it in a few weeks. (01/10/2009)

By doglvr

RE: Puppy With Bad Breath

It's funny to read how many people say that puppies have bad breath. I always thought my little Shitzu's breath was so sweet when she was a pup. She's an old lady now and smells like it!

Anyway, one thing I didn't see mentioned in the feedback was a possible abscessed tooth. I had a dog one time that had rotten breath, and when the vet looked at her teeth, it turned out she had an abscess (infection) in her tooth. They removed it and the problem got much better. I'm not sure how likely a puppy would be to have an infected tooth, but perhaps if he/she was chewing on something and it damaged the tooth or gums, it's possible that area got infected. Good luck! (01/16/2009)

By khilde80

RE: Puppy With Bad Breath

What you are smelling is puppy breath. It is what the mother's milk smells like. I love the smell of it! I like the smell of skunk too. I know *weird*. It should start smelling like normal stinky dog breath after about a week off the mama. (11/07/2009)

By AshleyMc

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