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Olive Oil as a Moisturizer


I have psoriasis and have had it since I was 14 years old. I used to get so embarrassed about it. I don't bother with that anymore, I just wanted some of the pain and itching to go away. Well, I started to use olive oil on my skin.

I use it in the shower. I bought a spray bottle at the dollar store and now when I finish soaping and shaving, I spray it all over my body and rinse it off so it is not greasy. It feels so much better than the lotions and the expensive topical creams I used to have to buy. I keep it under control, of course there is no cure. If you suffer even from just dry skin, just try it. It really works!

I prefer not to put it on after because then your skin does feel greasy. When your done in the shower, just let the water rinse it off a bit then towel dry. It is wonderful.

Hope this helps anyone with psoriasis or dry skin

By l99lynn from Ocala, FL.


By Joan 13 1,482 04/07/2010

Doesn't the olive oil make your shower slippery and harder to clean?

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By Jessica 7 04/08/2010

This is a really good tip.

I can also recommend it for cleansing (look up the Oil Cleansing Method or OCM) where you massage it into your face at night then soak a washcloth in hot water and rest it on your face to steam your pores open. Then gently remove the oil with the cloth.

Also, one tip I read somewhere on the internet is to put it on your face if you get a sunburn if you don't have any aloe. Yesterday I forgot to put on moisturizer with spf and was out in the garden for several hours and my face got pink. This morning it looks much, much better after rubbing EVOO on it and leaving it on overnight. It stops all of the itching that comes with a sunburn too!

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By Betty 104 753 04/08/2010

Sometimes after I get out of the shower I mix, in the palm of my hand some body lotion and olive oil. then rub in my skin. It's not so greasy that way and my skin feels wonderful. I also mix olive oil with hair conditioner; then a light shampoo.

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By linda roberts 7 40 05/11/2010

I also do this but I don't rinse off after lightly spraying the olive oil just rub with a towel and continue on with my day.

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