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Float Ideas for Preschoolers

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I need help on making a church Christmas float. I can't think of a theme but it's with my preschool children from church. Any ideas will help?

Javonda from Jackson, MS


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By Martha (Guest Post)10/21/2007

How about "Happy Birthday Jesus". The float can be a big Birthday cake in the middle with the kids in boxes as presents. You can cut holes for their heads and arms and have the sit down to cover their legs. Tie at least 2 Birthday balloons to each corner of the float. We did this a couple of years ago for our church float and it looked great and won first prize.

By Judy (Guest Post)11/08/2006

How about a whole lot of mangers (it will keep them seated) and the phrase "We are all Gods children"?

By Cheryl from Missouri (Guest Post)11/07/2006

How about a nativity with the phrase, "Wise men still seek Him."

By Janet45101 (Guest Post)11/07/2006

How about cherubs on a cloud? Or "the littlest angels"? Good luck and have fun!

By melinda [1]11/07/2006

I think a manger scene at this age would be cute.
Or Christmas tree and the kids are the presents---Gifts from God!!!

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