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Earning Extra Income

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What is a good way to earn money without getting an official job?

By McKay from Vancouver, WA


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By Dorothy [79]07/20/2010

Put your best foot forward. If you good in baking biscuits,or any other baking, cooking, making jams, preserves or pickles and sell them in Flea markets or Home Industries. Take orders for a family dinner and charge them for the meals plus for delivery.When families go on holiday do home sitting or take care of their pets. There's many ways to make money.

By Nicole Steddum07/04/2010

If you like animals you could do house sitting for pets or do a dog walking service. You can also hit garage sales to buy items to sell at your own yard sale or at a flea market. I have made a living doing the later. I deal in antiques that I find at yard sales and junk shops. People give me their unwanted items to have yard sales with and I also pickup things people put out to the curb before the garbage man gets there. I also put things on consignment in consignment shops.

By Linda [2]06/15/2010

I would do cooking, house cleaning, wash windows, sewing, ironing, cutting lawns, trimming bushes, etc. Any chores that need to be done around the home.

By Joan [13]06/15/2010

If you are good at crafts you could and make crafts and sell them from home or at craft fairs. If you are good at selling, there is Avon. I guess it depends on what you mean by extra money. Why don't you want an actual job? I know lots of really elderly and disabled people that have jobs. Actually if a person is in GOOD health, it is good for them to get out and work at a job, because of your interaction with different types of people. Startin in 1958, I have done several types of work, starting in the old fashioned dime stores(something like the dollar stores now), going to college, teaching school, raising my two daughters, working in a factory, various office jobs, that I could have done even without taking a two year secretarial course. I retired at age 65 and am enjoying my retirement, even though all I have to live off is $700 a month. I don't worry about what I can do for my grandkids, because that is their parents responsibility. If I see something on sale that I know they can use, I get if for them, but it isn't real often.

By Suntydt [75]06/14/2010

Don't know if it's a good way but it's my way. I go to yard/garage sales and buy music CDs and DVDs really cheap and then resell them on Amazon.

A lot of different factors: the condition of the CD/DVD, whether it is mass produced or local/amateur produced, the condition of the case (I have a bunch of replacements so this doesn't bother me too much). And above all the price. These are all factors to whether or not I buy a CD/DVD.

There is always the chance these items are not resellable (they have no listing on Amazon or the market is flooded and they aren't worth selling).

I figured out what my bottom line was for the gas to get to the post office, the postage, the cost of the enveloped for mailing, etc. And I have a minimum I will sell CD/DVDs for based on these factors. These are all foactors you will have to figure out as well.


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What are some ways to earn extra money at home? I have a good but stressful job, so I would rather not do any extra overtime days because I don't want to get burnt out.


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