Removing Gorilla Glue from a Countertop


How do I remove "Gorilla glue" off my kitchen countertop? The top isn't granite, stone, or anything expensive, maybe fiberglass or something similar.

By Kathy from Pitman, NJ


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By Louise 6 13 04/17/2010

I had the same problem. I used the razor that I use for cooked on food on my smooth top stove to scrape it off.

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How do I remove Gorilla glue from a countertop?

By JAZZYJULS from Ellicott City, MD

RE: Removing Gorilla Glue from Countertop

If it's not dry, wipe off as much as you can with a dry paper towel, and then use acetone to wipe off the rest. If it's dry already, wait until it gets hard and scrape it off with a hard plastic tool or utensil. We got it on our garage floor and it scraped right off. (06/12/2009)

By fairygirl1

RE: Removing Gorilla Glue from a Countertop

I actually looked around the internet and used a combination of super glue removal techniques and it worked. I used acetone nail polish remover on a cottonball, and on a light steel wool pad and lightly rubbed til doomsday, then wiped over with a Magic eraser, and my counters look great now. (06/12/2009)


RE: Removing Gorilla Glue from a Countertop

Ace Hardware has Gorilla glue remover. Right by the glues, of course. (06/14/2009)

By mklema92658

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