Puppy Ate a Sock

My puppy keeps eating socks! What do I do to get her to stop?

By Kayla from MA

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Please keep everything except your animals own food out of their reach. If not be prepared to write your veterinarian a huge check.

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Boy, she is taking a big chance of having it obstruct the intestines and you are looking at a major surgery bill. I'd hide all the socks for the time being. It could be an expensive puppy sitting bill.

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They have bitter apple spray you can buy at any pet store. Heavily spray on an old sock with it. The taste should turn the puppy off to the sock. Or, take away the sock, say, "No!" and then give your puppy a rope toy while saying "Good boy/girl.

If your puppy continues to eat socks he/she can die of an obstruct. If the behavior is not corrected now you will have a dog that continues the same behavior. Your best bet is to make sure when the puppy is out you are watching him/her and that the floor is clean of everything but puppy safe toys. I highly recommend Kongs or nylabones. Good luck!

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Not meaning to sound sarcastic in the least, but all you can do is keep the socks out of reach. Dogs are naturally attracted to all the scents we humans think nasty in dirty socks (and shoes) and once a pup begins a sock or shoe fetish I've yet to find a solution short of putting all the shoes and socks safely away. They eventually even go after the clean ones, too. Hoping to find similar odors, I presume?

Since I do have experience in this area, (thanks to my oldest dog) an important question to ask: Is the dog pooping the socks or are they still in her system? If you haven't found them in poop piles, you need to contact your vet, ASAP. This kind of obstruction could indeed cause the painful death of your dog.

I know a lot of people swear by the bitter apple spray, but it never worked for our dogs in any circumstance. Again, the only solution that worked to cure our sock eater was to keep the dirty socks in hampers with lids (in closets with closed doors) and the clean ones safely tucked in drawers.

Again, please contact your vet if your dog has not eliminated the socks she consumed. Good luck.

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Not trying to be mean but common sense dictates that you simply keep the socks where your puppy can't get to them. Instead of taking them off and leaving them on the floor just put them in the dirty clothes basket that is kept in a closet or locked room. If they are not dirty keep them on top of/or in a dresser drawer.

I also concur that if the puppy has not pooped the sock pieces out that you need to call a vet ASAP!

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I am watching a Golden puppy who ate a sock at 5pm. She pooped at 5:30 and at 8 but no sock. Please help. What should we watch out for? She seems fine. She is napping as we speak.

Jennifer from New York


Puppy Ate a Sock

I'd be afraid of a blockage somewhere and serious troubles resulting from this. I'd call the Vet at least and asked for advice. (02/08/2008)

By Chicklet

Puppy Ate a Sock

I did and they told me to watch her and if she is not eating and is vomiting there is something wrong. Yesterday she pooped out a paper towel. So hopefully today she will poop out the sock. (02/08/2008)

By Jennifer

Puppy Ate a Sock

A friend of mine had the same thing that happen to her dog please take your dog to the vets fast. My friend took hers to the vets and he x-rayed the dog the sock got tangled around the dogs organs. He performed emergency surgery. Please take your to the vets. (02/08/2008)

By castleberrycc

Puppy Ate a Sock

I'm afraid to say that this one is for the vets to handle. (02/11/2008)

By Sally G.

Puppy Ate a Sock

My 3 year old Lucy dog seems to have a "toilet paper deficiency" in her diet, too! If I lay down to take a nap and she is in my bedroom, she gets bored (I guess) and pulls every piece of TP or Kleenex out of the trash can and shreds it on the bathroom floor. She's never eaten a sock (or any TP as far as I know) though.

Please be careful with this little guy...and let us know how he is, ok?

God Bless,
Sheila in Titusville, FL (02/11/2008)

By GrammySheila

Puppy Ate a Sock

My daughter's dog did this and then pooped it half way out but it wouldn't come all the way, she had to take it to the vet to get it out. (02/11/2008)

By Beverly

Puppy Ate a Sock

Please take the pup to a vet! (02/11/2008)

By kay

Puppy Ate a Sock

That thing will not come out on its own. Get the baby to a vet now. (02/12/2008)

By sandy63

Puppy Ate a Sock

I knew a dog who ate carpet - see a vet before the sock becomes a blockage! (02/12/2008)

By Beth

Puppy Ate a Sock

As of Tuesday stillno sock. We took her to the vet on Saturday for x-rays and a check up. The vet didn't see anything to be alarmed about she said she would have been sick by now. I am 99% sure she ate it but the vet does not think so. Since Wednesday I have check everywhere for that sock and it is now where to be found. Since last week she pooped out a paper towel and a pair of undies that we didn't even know she ate. I'll keep you informed. (02/12/2008)

By jennifer

Puppy Ate a Sock

A sock, a paper towel, and undies! I know you love your pet, but this can be life threatening. You'd child-proof your home if you had to; please puppy-proof it now before a disaster happens and it's too late. (02/13/2008)

By susanmajp

Puppy Ate a Sock

For the person whose dog plays with the toilet paper; put a chain on the door I have to do it for my daughter who likes to play in the toilet. Second my daughter played with a tomato, onion, and an orange. Found the onion in the trash can with a spoon still. Can not find the tomato or orange so good luck with the sock and puppy do do. Next time you babysit go to the dollar store, and buy some dog squeaky toys. Also if he likes socks take one of your husbands old ones and tie it in knots. Play tug of war just be a bit gentle with his teeth. He might like it. (02/15/2008)

By Barbara

Puppy Ate a Sock

Yesterday I happened on this site cause I goggled my dog swallowed a sock. Yesterday morning my dog threw up a black ankle sock.
I read some of the blogs and felt my dog was still not up to par maybe he still has something in his tummy. So when I got home from work I tried the peroxide 1 tsp and about 4 oz. of milk. Guess what within 30 sec. My dog thew up 3 socks. Oh my goodness. He felt much better right away. This morning he was back to his old self. Thanks so much for the advice.

By theloanlady210

RE: Puppy Ate a Sock

Puppy Ate a Sock

Wow, poor puppy. Hopefully it came out!? My puppy is 9 weeks and my house is puppy proofed. However, when I go outside in the yard to let my puppy 'do it's business', he will eat grass and dirt like crazy! I thought my yard was puppy proof but apparently he found a big piece of black tape and ate it.

A few days later during a bowel movement (he pooped a little) he yelped and cried and ran around in a squat position while trying to "bite" his behind. Finally after a minute of that, he continued to poop. I didn't get a chance to look very closely at the bowel movement because I was comforting my puppy. My husband came home and picked up all the poop from the yard so I never got a chance to look at it. Anyone know why this happened. I assumed he pooped out something he ate. (04/15/2008)

By Angela

RE: Puppy Ate a Sock

Puppy Ate a Sock

My own dog just ate a sock tonight... poor little peanut. She is just a little thing, a Boston terrier / pug mix. I called the emergency vet and she had nothing but grim news: unfortunately due to the time of night and where we live I'm looking at an hours drive and over $200 to have her looked at tonight: I just don't have that in my means. I in no way intend to deprive her of vet care. I'm just hoping I have till tomorrow to get her some help. Is there anything I can do for her to help? I read on here about the milk and peroxide but am hesitant because the vet said that vomiting is bad. (11/21/2008)

By Heather

Puppy Ate a Sock

Welcome to the club. The vet said it was not a problem as long as you accounted for the socks eventually.

Allie, our German Short hair, is 8 + years old. Socks were her thing. The baby and child socks. That was her thing. Down the batch. Yes, they poop them out. You watch for about 2 days of pooping, they will show up. If you have doubt, give your dog some cooked squash or pumpkin. Acts as a laxative. Capturing the dog when she is stealing socks makes it worse, becomes a game. Too many orphan socks, so started buying the same ones.

She will steal Kleenex or even paper towels from the garbage. Loves the human contact on things. I hated it when she stole the baby's diapers. So they would go out to the trash right away. Would also find her rummaging through the laundry to find someone's socks, especially if it were 'her master'. When the middle son would visit (he brought her home originally, I set the rules, I became the master), we have behaviors cause she misses him.

At her age, I don't want to uproot her to live with him. They have a cat and I don't want to challenge who is boss. BUT she will go through the same behaviors each time. My dog needs a psych. Attachment disorder, and yet she has never been kenneled. Nosy little girl, she is. Right now laying at my feet. Follows me around all the time. My grandchildren's protector/babysitter as well. A real MAMA (never had pups). (10/06/2009)

By TandT Grandma

Puppy Ate a Sock

The comments on making the dog throw up. Get advice before doing that. Could be a problem. Peroxide is the thing the vet said to use. Again, Allie antics - ate the whole pan of chocolate brownies. Yes, toxic. So 2 oz. at a time down her throat. The vet is at the end of the block and came over when Allie did not chuck the first 2 ounces. She administered and then waited for results. About 3-4 minutes and it was up.

Another thing, Allie took the mucinex off the table I set there to give the little girls. Yes, that is an expectorant. Yes, she kept throwing up around the house. Did not know why until I found the wrapper behind the couch. My dog also opens drawers, the oven, back door, cupboards. Helps herself to what she wants. Also takes dishes out of the sink to clean them up. Often carries them up the stairs to my bedroom. Shares with the master. Child locks are on for her. (10/06/2009)

By TandT Grandma

Puppy Ate a Sock

I took my 9 month old puppy to the vet and told them I thought he ate a sock and to please do x-rays. The vet told me that dogs just sometimes get sick. Two days later I took the dog back to the vet and (the dog was not eating or drinking), they finally gave him an x-ray to find a sock in him. My dog had emergency surgery $1,300.00, and my baby died. He had blockage. Better safe than sorry. This all took place within 5 days. (04/06/2010)

By Westnut

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