Halloween Float Ideas


I am in charge of a float from our church in the community halloween parade. I have NO clue what to do. Any ideas?

Songbird from Wapakoneta, OH


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By (Guest Post) 09/17/2006

I read another post here in the 'Halloween' segment about celebrating the harvest, using scarecrows etc. You could maybe also use large baskets of fruit or vegetables (especially pumpkins!!!) etc.
Have a read in the Halloween segment and you may get some 'helpful' ideas.

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By christi (Guest Post) 09/22/2006

Noahs Ark

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By Jen (Guest Post) 10/06/2006

I did a float last year and we did a Luau, we had palm trees with coconuts and everyone dressed in Hawaiian clothing. We also had music like the Bee Gees "wipe out" fun stuff for kids. We had a great time building and showing it through-out our parade. Hope this helps.

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By New and exciting idea for parade! (Guest Post) 07/30/2007

check out a new book called "Tombstone treats for God's kids. "This would also be a great community outreach to set up for the kids after the parade. Check at you local christian bookstore or just google "Tombstone treats for God's kids"

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By Kelly (Guest Post) 09/20/2007

RE: Halloween Float Ideas
Mignonne Churches celebrate Halloween because it is not about worshiping the devil read up on your history please. If you choose not to celebrate, which I have many friends that do, that is fine but don't make it something it is not.

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By Mom wanted kids to be kids (Guest Post) 09/30/2008

It's a fun kids holiday that we've always celebrated just let kids and everyone else enjoy it, and stop inflicting your fears and worries on everyone else. And for your information Today's Halloween's tradition of dressing up was taken from All Saints Day when the dressed up as saints!

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