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Removing Ink from a Table


I am looking for information for removing permanent ink mark from wood/finish coffee table.

By Marlene from Kauai, HI


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By Karen 1 04/01/2010

Try using a cheap hairspray, like Aquanet, works for getting ink out of clothes, might work on wood.

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By Maddle 1 05/20/2010

Baking soda! While I was on the phone with my sister reading to her the different responses, she was trying the baking soda and she interrupted me with, "Oh, M, this is amazing the ink came right up!"

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By Lisa 1 06/24/2010

Wow it worked! I was upset that my kids got marker on my wood (finished) dining room table and I tried the baking soda that was recommended. I made a paste and rubbed it on the areas and wiped with a paper towel and it came right up. Thank you for the suggestions.

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By Angela 1 12/31/2010

Thank you for the suggestion everyone! The baking soda worked!! An ink pen exploded on our brand new wood table, it set overnight (the pen must've exploded in the middle of the night) and the baking soda paste took it right out! We just used our fingertip and rubbed with the grain of the wood, it got lighter and lighter and eventually came out!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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By James 1 02/01/2011

I couldn't see the feedback which stated how to use the baking soda. But I read through some of the rest of the feedback and tried using deodorant. Which was to take pink permanent pen off of bedroom furniture including wood and metal. This worked a treat! Phew!

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By Redcat33 1 10/19/2011

I discovered that a red ink pen had exploded in one of my wire pen holders. It was sitting on my light oak desk and the ink had been there for so long that it had dried. I tried to get it up with alcohol and some of it did come off but it was all soaked down into the varnish and just as red after the alcohol as before. I kept wiping till the rag came back clean but the ink was firmly set. I then tried hydrogen peroxide-nothing. I tried dishwashing soap suds. I tried practically everything I could get my hands on except gasoline. Nothing!

I even put mayonnaise on it and let it soak for 10 days-nothing! By this time I am eying the gallon of mower gas. I saw this site and said " What the heck, I'll try their ideas. I really have nothing to lose." So I went into the kitchen got down the baking soda, made the paste with water and began scrubbing. Right away the baking soda turned pink! I added more and scrubbed more and the ink was, in fact, coming up. I couldn't believe it! So with much elbow (or finger actually) grease the red ink is gone. Now I just have what looks like a water ring on the wood. But like I said this ink had been on there since the dinosaurs. The water ring is much preferable.

I am going to let it dry overnight and see what happens. If it is not gone by morning. I think the actual wood got wet from the thinning of the varnish and that this is now indeed a water mark-then I will treat it as a water mark and see if the ring goes away. Stay tuned for further developments. I did not try the miracle clean sponge. I did try the toothpaste before with no results.

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By Aliceh 1 01/01/2012

Baking soda is amazing it totally works. I used it because someone spilled a drink on the table and then put a newspaper on it and it bled in to the table the ink. So I tried the alcohol and the the baking powder. Thank you.

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By agichu 1 09/15/2012

My daughter and her friend stained my table with craft paints. I tried several things to remove. Baking soda did not work for me. However I tried an air freshener. Sprayed over the stain and rubbed and this actually removed the stain totally. Thanks all for your tips!

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OMG! Hairspray, it works perfectly. I tried everything on this list and nothing worked except hairspray. It literally makes it disappear. Thanks guys, now my parents won't kill me!

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Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the comments that were provided then.

Archive: Removing Ballpoint Pen Ink from Table

I am trying to remove ballpoint ink from kitchen table that is either white wood or white corian?


Archive: Removing Ballpoint Pen Ink from Table

How do I safely remove ball point pen ink from a oak table? My daughter scribbled on our oak end table. Is there a way I can remove it without removing or harming the finish?

Debbie52 from IL

Baking Soda

Thanks so much! I used baking soda with water rubbed in with my finger & then rubbed the wet area with a cloth with vodka on it - it removed my 2 year old's drawing done in felt pen (texter) that had already dried on our timber dining table. (08/27/2006)

By Tony

Baking Soda and Alcohol

We recently purchased a new wooden desk for our son. He decided to draw a picture using a King Size permanent black Sharpie. It bled right through the paper and we didn't know about it until a day or two later. We tried everything we could think of to remove these stains without harming the finish. I have to say that the baking soda + rubbing alcohol did the job. The finish was slightly affected but you can't tell unless you look very hard. I tried dipping cotton swabs into alcohol and then into the baking soda and rubbing. This did okay but it worked even faster when I used my index finger instead of the q-tip. After I was finished I went back over it with furniture polish and it looks great! (11/13/2006)

By J McBride

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How can I remove ink from my wood breakfast table? The wood is a light brown color.


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Removing Ink from a Table
*** I have a nice wood cocktail table. It is a very lightly stained wood with no finish on it. It is very rustic. My nephew found a black ball point pen and wrote on it. We have only had it about 2 months. Can someone suggest how to get the marks off without damaging the wood? It is only a surface mark. The pen did not indent the wood. Thanks!

By Patsfan from Lebanon, MO

RE: Removing Ink from a Table

If you have access to ethanol, make a 95% solution (95 parts ethanol to 5 parts water) and apply to a clean rag or piece of gauze. Rub onto stain. Since there is no finish on the table, it should not cause it any harm. If you do not have ethanol, you could try applying some hairspray to the rag before rubbing it onto the stain. Best of luck! (04/17/2009)

By patty0747

Archive: Removing Ink from a Table

How do I remove felt tip pen from a solid wood table without ruining the finish?

By Stacy from Warwickshire

RE: Removing Ink from a Table

Pour the rubbing alcohol onto the sponge or pad of paper towels. Make sure the sponge or paper towels are soaked in the alcohol solution then rub the alcohol-soaked cloth or towels vigorously into the stain. Rub the stain until the majority of it is gone or absorbed into your rubbing device. (12/29/2009)

By ecogirl91304

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