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Vinegar For Insect Bites

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We always have bad mosquitoes in Houston; even in the winter. I've tried literally every recipe on this site, with no luck. They bite me even when I'm wearing Off (without Deet). My husband told me a way to make the bites easier to bear - I didn't believe him at first! He said to put white vinegar on the bites. I didn't have white, so I used apple cider vinegar.

I was almost out, so all I had was the "mother" of this vinegar. That's the cloudy mass at the bottom of the bottle of apple cider vinegar. I got this bottle at Whole Foods Market, a very pricey health food store. I noticed that the one I buy at my grocery store has no "mother". I used the mother and applied it with a q-tip and, sure enough, the welts started to go away and so did the itching. The next day all I had was three small marks where the welts were. They also stopped itching completely.

I have used it on my 2 year old Grand-baby who is a redhead and very fair and it worked on her too. Maybe this will help someone out there too - I hope so!

By metroplex from Houston, TX


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By Marg [16]07/25/2010

Thanks, going to try this, one bite usually means huge lump and three weeks of itching!
Marg from England.

By Laura [2]07/24/2010

My husband and 4 year old get huge quarter size welts from mosquito bites, I have found that using oregano oil (found at the health food store) if applied right away will remove the itch for the duration of the bite. He swears by it.

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