Dog Urine Odors

How can I clean a room of urine scent to keep other animals from being attracted to the area? I have heard that ammonia will hide a scent so dogs cannot follow it, but does it work for other things?


By Marty S

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I've heard/read that ammonia is NOT what you want to use. It'll make the situation worse. Have you tried an enzymatic cleaner? I bought PetZyme from Petsmart, but there are other brands out there. Best of luck!

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Ammonia will make a dog pee on the same spot again!

You should avoid cleaning with it when you have a dog in the house.

Urine contains ammonia and cleaning with it, will only make the animal want to 're-mark' the spot!

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DO NOT use ammonia. They have ammonia in their urine so it will simply smell like urine and they will be more attracted to it. Whoever told you to use ammonia is an idiot. That is ome thing you should NEVER use. Try a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water.

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My dog goes to the bathroom in the front of my house on the cement steps and on the bushes and I can't get rid of the smell. I tried cleaning the steps with bleach, but I think the smell is also in the bushes.


Kate from Boothwyn, PA


Dog Urine Odors

I have finally found something that works great and it gets the smell out completely even deep down in the carpet to the bottom. You take equal parts of distilled vinegar and water, make sure you clean the area first to get up the stain and such. Then spray the solution over the spot and get it good and wet. It will smell like vinegar for a day, maybe 2. Let it air dry and then you should not have the smell anymore. It may take a couple of doses. I have had a dog for 2 years and she pees off and on. When we redid our carpets the stain was under the backing, but no smell what so ever. Hope this helps. Plus it's a great room deodorizer for anyone with smokers and things. (05/18/2007)

By Cat

Dog Urine Odors

If you want to stop fooling around with dog urine odor and probably stop your dog from going back to the same spot again and again, eliminate the odor completely. Odorxit is the the only stuff I know of that really eliminates the odor enough that even the hyper dog nose can't smell it. (06/06/2007)

By exring

Dog Urine Odors

Just FYI, Simple Solution, Nature's Miracle, and the vinegar all did not work for me. I will try out the baking soda. (05/16/2008)

By Larzi

Dog Urine Odors

I have a large home and no kids and so I don't go to every room in my house all the time. Well, I rescued 2 more dogs (a total of 4) and I guess they were marking on the floors where I didn't go. The smell was the biggest indicator for us that they had peed in the house and they probably had days before I even noticed.

I pulled out my steam cleaner and ran it through the room till the dirty water was clear. I still smelled the urine. I tried the vinegar/water solution after the carpet had dried. That didn't work. So, I went and bought "Get Serious" at Petsmart and guess what, it worked. I just sprayed it in, in a zig zag motion and then ran my steam cleaner over the wet spots after I had let the solution sit on the carpet for a few minutes. I was surprised that the dirty water was yellow/gray. Nobody had been in that room since, so there was no reason for it to have been dirty that fast. I think it was the solution that loosened up the pee in the pad. Now the room smells clean and fresh. No more urine odor. Hope this helps someone. (05/17/2008)


Dog Urine Odors

If you want the odor to be gone and gone for good to never return go to and buy their starter kit. I promise it will work unlike anything you have ever tried or heard of trying. Many on the market claim to get rid of the odor and most will for awhile, but they all return. SCOE10X gets rid of the odor and it will not return ever.

Don't believe me, get it, and try it. It is by far the best odor removal solution in the world nothing else compares and nothing else can beat its results. (06/05/2008)

By Ken

Dog Urine Odors

Try vinegar and baking soda mixed with water. Use it a couple of times. Let it sit for 30 minutes; scrub in with a brush. It should work great. (10/06/2008)

Dog Urine Odors

I found a site that has great products for animal care.
I tried the Whiffwacker in my garage after two cats spent the winter in it. The stuff worked great. It was worth every cent I paid for it and it is all natural. I am sensitive to chemicals. The site is:

You would never know I had any animals in my house now. Not only did it take care of the lingering urine odor in our spare bedroom (female Dalmatian), but it also works on bathroom odors.

By petsrgreat

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I have an older dog (she's 15) who has a problem with a leaking bladder especially at night. We have tried dog diapers but they did not work. The carpet in our room smells really bad. I would love a homemade solution that would really remove the odor. I have tried every commercial available but nothing works.



Dog Urine Odor

Baking Soda Solution

I had a Dachshund that would not go outside, but rather under our bed. After getting rid of the dog and after getting the carpeting dried out and cleaned as well as possible using the standard carpet cleaners, I realized the urine smell was very much still present. I have a handy little book called "Baking Soda-over 500 uses..." and here is what finally worked for me. To prevent the lingering smells in a carpet, they advise to clean up what you can, then generously sprinkle the remaining spot with baking soda. Scrub gently, from the outside toward the center, with a stiff brush or sponge dipped repeatedly in clean water (test for colorfastness!). Blot up the moisture with paper towels. Leave a last small layer of baking soda powder sprinkled on the spot and vacuum it later when the carpet is dry. I had to repeat this several times, but it worked! No more smells!! Carpet looks fine!

For general deodorizing, they also advise sprinkling baking soda on carpeting monthly, or as needed, before going to bed and let it set overnight. Vacuum the next day. They include a home-made carpet deodorizer recipe:

I've come to love baking soda!

By Marnita

Dog Urine Odor

Try "No Scent" or something similar found in the hunting sections of department stores. It takes the scent out of just about anything! (03/24/2005)

By Maureen

By Susan in Oregon

Dog Urine Odor

I use Nature's Miracle which was mentioned, & is an enzyme cleaner. Thanks for the odorzout info. I've never heard of it. (03/24/2005)

By Vicki

Dog Urine Odor

I have a homemade recipe that works. This is the ONLY thing I have found to work over the years. Mix 1 tsp. Dawn dish liquid, 1 tsp. of baking soda and 16 oz of hydrogen peroxide together. Pour directly onto the urine spot. Do not blot, rub or dry. Let it dry naturally and then vacuum over. There will be a noticeble white powder residue on top of the carpet. I have tried many many store bought items, including a gallon of something at Petsmart that cost $36 years ago, and nothing ever worked. This really does work. It was easy for me because my stubborn pee-box is a male. Female urine spots may be a little more difficult to find. We have a giant dollar store that sells 2 bottles of peroxide for $1.

About deoderizing your carpet: If your vacuum is bagless, including Rainbow vacuums, you should NEVER EVER sprinkle anything on your carpet in the form of powder like those commercial deoderizers that smell so good, powder, or baking soda. Fine powders will cause your motor to burn up. I was told this when I bought my Rainbow 12 years ago and confirmed by my husband who now works in a vacuum repair shop. (03/24/2005)

By suzi homemaker

Dog Urine Odor

Simple Solution works way better than Nature's Miracle. (04/01/2005)

By Mary

Dog Urine Odor

What none of you are mentioning here, is that if you don't soak up the pee as soon as your dog goes to the bathroom, it gets DOWN into the carpet and then into the padding or underneath the carpet itself. The only way to get that out will be to lift the carpet, especially if the urine has been allowed to stay there for a long time and fester.

Cleaning the top of the carpet will not remove the scent underneath it.
If you don't want the dog to pee on the carpet, place his/her bed in another room without carpet, positively reinforce the dog that sleeping in the next room is GOOD. He/she may still want to sleep in the same room as you, so you'll have to get creative with trying to find ways to convince your pet that sleeping in the other room is a good thing.

Start by placing its bed right outside your door, within sight of you, but with a gate blocking the doorway. And walk the dog IMMEDIATELY before you go to sleep, control the water you give it as well, if you know you're going to be going to bed, obviously filling the dog bowl with water wouldn't be a good idea. If the smell is so bad that you can't stand it, perhaps it is time to replace the carpet and start fresh.

Steam cleaning will not help you much, all that does is create mud in your carpet which will destroy the fibre from the bottom. A foamy shampoo that uses much less water than steam cleaning is a much better solution. Electrolux makes the BEST carpet cleaner, rug shampooer I've ever seen. Look it up, it has an attachment that "rakes" the carpet and you would surprise yourself if you saw how much dirt rises to the top as you do it.


By oopsmydogpooonthecarpet

Dog Urine Odor

I have this same problem, and a few months ago I sent for an e-recipe. It's so simple, that now I'm ashamed I couldn't figure it out myself. I have very light color carpet, almost ivory color. I mix 1 bottle 3% hydrogen peroxide, with 2 tablespoons baking soda till dissolved. Test a colored carpet for color-fastness, and dilute with water as needed. I pour mine into a bowl, and I use a wide paint brush, saturating the paint brush with the solution and painting the spots. The stain is immediately removed, and the odor is eliminated as well. Then when completely dry, I vacuum the area and the baking soda, which has absorbed the urine, is gone as well.

For a quick clean up, before peroxide process, and while the urine is still wet on the carpet, pour corn starch (a big pile) onto the wet area, and let it pull all the urine out of the carpet. You'll know it's out of the carpet, because the cornstarch will turn yellow as it absorbs the urine. I usually give it a couple hours to pull it all out. If it turns yellow immediately, you're not using enough corn starch. Corn starch is really cheap, especially at a dollar store, so use plenty. I think you'll be really happy with these 2 solutions. I am savings a lot of money not buying those expensive products at the pet stores any longer. (05/18/2005)

By Deb

Dog Urine Odor

Use a black light to find the spots and then pour an enzyme over the area. I bought my enzyme for $14.95 and the black light on Ebay , and you can dilute it 10 to 1 Pour a generous amout over the spot making sure that it stays damp for 24 hours. If need be put a wet towel over the area. My new pup has gone all over the place and there are no smells in my apt. (05/19/2005)

By Donald Poston

Dog Urine Odor

I was recently told that if you mix equal amounts of vinegar and warm water together, it will get rid of the scent and stain. Dab up the excess urine, pour the mixed vinegar and warm water over where stain/scent is, keep there for about five minutes, and then wipe up with towel. (12/04/2005)

By Guest

Dog Urine Odor

sprinkle area with baking soda then spray on a mix of 50/50 white vinegar and warm water from a spray bottle. it WILL "volcano" up but it works (12/20/2005)

By R

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