Preparing Plants To Bring Indoors


I need to bring the pot flowers inside home now. How can I wash out the bugs hidden in the pots? Maybe I need to change with the new pot soil. Thanks. Any suggestion or comments highly appreciated.

Hardiness Zone: 5a

By Min L. from Toronto, ON


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By jean leiner 15 395 10/09/2009

Also in zone 5a, Buffalo,NY area. Each year before the plants come in, I check all plants fo signs of insects and remove. Repot any plants that need it. I spray them thoroughly with a detergent/water solution,(1 tsp dish det/quart water) and rinse well. Then leach the soil in each pot, and let dry overnight. Have had no bug problems. Hope this helps.

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By Teri Van Hecke 7 110 10/16/2009

I like the bathtub idea (scroll down) - keep the bugs contained, if there are any! Better start this process this weekend, too!

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Archive: Preparing Plants To Bring Indoors

By Ellen Brown

Q: Ellen,

Now that it is beginning to become winter (finally), what are some suggestions for bringing plants indoors? How do you get rid of any bugs that might be on the plants when you bring them indoors?

Hardiness Zone: 7a

Bekkicat from Charlotte

A: Bekkicat,

A good way to prepare plants for indoor conditions is to reverse the process of preparing them for outdoor conditions (reverse hardening-off). Transplant plants into pots as necessary. Do this as soon as nighttime temperatures start getting cool (50s). If possible, place plants in their winter location for a few hours each day-until they are sufficiently acclimatized to spending the majority of the day in their new air and light conditions.

Before taking them inside, group all plants coming indoors together away from other plants. Apply an organic insecticide to the leaves (using neem or pyola oil). Wait for a day or to two and apply it again. An alternative is to give them a good spray with the hose, followed by placing plants into an "in-between" room (garage or basement). Wait 24 hours and inspect for insects again. Rinse a second time in the shower if necessary.

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RE: Preparing Plants To Bring Indoors

Place a couple of mothballs on the soil about a month before you bring them in. (10/20/2005)

By Paula L.

RE: Preparing Plants To Bring Indoors

I just brought some plants in the other day. This is what I did: I brought them in at morning time, placed them into the tub and sprayed the heck out of them and let them drain all day. From time to time I checked the tub for bugs. (10/21/2005)

By freedombelle2001

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