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Classic Christmas Themed Dance

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I'm the student council president at my school and I was wondering if anyone had any decorating ideas for a classic christmas themed semi formal dance.

J MAC from Courtice, Ontario


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By (Guest Post)12/13/2008

Yesterday '12-12-08' we had a Winter Wonderland Dance at our school cafeteria at Arizona Desert Elementary School.It was so cool that we had ALL kinds of music.We already had a Hollywood Dance at our school but it was really boring. In our dance we had a snowman,2 reindeer, and a sign that said Northpole---------->
Our dance was the best.We might have another dance next month!

By christy (Guest Post)11/06/2007

I am a planner of my Early College program's Christmas dance. I am going to have a very nice dance with all of the Christmas house decorations like snowflakes, small golden trees, little winter decors and the red, green, and gold color scheme. My committee and I are planning to have Christmas cookies and snacks and a Christmas King and Queen.

By (Guest Post)11/06/2007

Last year my school had a "Winter Wonderland" dance in our cafeteria. We decorated the caf. like it was winter out hanging plastic snowflakes from the ceiling and fake snow scattered everywhere. We even had a choco. fountain and a punch fountain. We had white lights and it was really cool. This year we might even have carriage rides.

By Christy Fraser (Guest Post)08/29/2007

Hey. We had a Christmas Semi-Formal last year and we just used lit up Christmas trees in the corners with that white fluffy stuff on the ground for snow.We also had a bench set up so that people could take pictures.

By Carla J. Sanders [3]11/27/2006

2nd Idea: Bing Crosby movie "White Christmas" - the closing scene (rent the movie and watch the last 10 minutes if that's all you have time for). Make big barn doors at the opening so as the dancers enter the festivities, they are going into the fake 'outdoors'. All the chapperones could even dress in the 50's garb.

By Carla J. Sanders [3]11/27/2006

Put the word out and see if any families with artificial Christmas trees will lend them to you for the night. Just make sure they are well marked! Promise to care for them. Decorate...remember some simple ways like using boxed fake mashed potato flakes for snow flakes on the trees and tables. Then see if you can borrow some little lawn ornament animals (bunnies and such). Then it would be like the scene from "Santa Clause is Coming to Town" when young Kris Kringle marries Clarice in the woods w/ all the little animals and the decorated trees as their celebration.

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