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Target's Market Pantry Ice Cream

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Who produces Target's Market Pantry ice cream?

By Anonymous from Chicago, IL


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By Joan [13]08/16/2010

I don't know what difference it makes. I recently read an article where different brands of ice cream were tested for taste, creaminess, etc. Anyway Target's Market Pantry ice cream rated at the very top, along with Ben and Jerry and Haagan Daaz, for a lot less money.


After seeing Yoder wrote Ice Cream Specialties I looked it up and here is the link for the manufacturer/distributor:

By susan [33]08/12/2010

Ice Cream Specialties makes the market pantry ice cream cones so maybe they do all the ice cream products. Does it say in fine print on the carton, sometimes it will say who makes it for the store?


Call your local Target and ask for the food section manager. If they don't know the answer off the top of their head they most certainly can find out.


Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

Archive: Target's Market Pantry Ice Cream

Who makes the Market Pantry Ice Cream for Target?


RE: Target's Market Pantry Ice Cream

I Googled it and couldn't find your answer so maybe talk to a manager at Target for the answer. Many store brands are manufactured by their own manufacturer or contracted out to major manufacturers and labeled as their own. There may or may not be a clue by reading info on the container. (02/05/2009)

By Deeli

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