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Dirt in Toilet Bowl

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I have been noticing that I have been getting what looks like dirt in the bottom of my toilet bowl after I flush it. I can't figure out where the dirt would be coming from. Any ideas what could be causing it?

By debbc99 from Springfield, IL


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By Debbie Culler [1]08/16/2009

I'm on a city sewer, so a well isn't the problem, but I'll check for something rotting. Thanks

By Paula Jo C. [7]08/13/2009

Are you on a well for your water? It sounds like your well pump is too low in the well and is pumping in/up dirt. You need to have that checked pronto! Good luck!

By Edith [9]08/13/2009

Could it be hard water stains? One of my toilets does this. I use one of the cleaner tablets that you put in the tank. They get changed every 1-3 months or so. Good luck.

By Beth [25]08/13/2009

Could it be something rusting in the tank?

By Lee Taylor [10]08/13/2009

Try scrubbing under the inside rim of the toilet bowl. Sometimes algae gets up in there and looks like dirt when it falls into the bowl after flushing. I clean homes for a living and see this from time to time.

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [429]08/12/2009

If it is bigger than dirt but still dark, it might be a ring or other rubber breaking down. You can also have a branch in the line somewhere and that is never good. Lift the tank lid and make sure nothing in there is rotting or getting through.

By OliveOyl08/11/2009

Dirt might be coming from your water supply or a cleanser that's in the toilet tank. Are you on well water or city water? Look in the toilet tank. Never use those blue tablets in there, they leave a residue behind.

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