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Measuring Shortening (Crisco)

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When a recipe calls for a measured amount of shortening, use this tip to make measuring easier. If the recipe calls for 1/2 cup of shortening, fill the measuring cup 1/2 full of water then add the shortening until the water level reaches the 1 cup mark. Dump out the water and what you have left is 1/2 cup of shortening. Using water to displace space, saves struggling to pack down your shortening and makes clean-up easier. If you need 1/4 cup, place 3/4 cup of water. Just make sure the total amount of water and shortening, equals 1 cup.

By Sheila W from Sacramento, CA


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By Sharon [9]01/21/2010

Back in the day when we had to take some home ec, we were taught all kinds of tricks, It work as well for any very thick substance like peanut butter too.

By Patricia Ralston [10]09/24/2009

This seems like a hard way to measure shortening when they make measuring cups for measuring dry ingrediants and this is what I have always used when measuring shortening. They have dry measuring cups in all sizes from 1/8 cup up to 1 cup.

By Stephanie [111]09/11/2009

Good idea. In Home Ec I learned to put a piece of saran wrap in the measuring cup before the shortening. It is nice to be able to lift the saran wrap by the edges and pop the shortening into the mixing bowl without having to touch it but sometimes it's hard to get the shortening all the way into the edges of the cup and the saran wrap must be tossed. Your method sounds more accurate and less wasteful. I'm going to give it a try.

By Tara D. [4]09/10/2009

This method is the way my family has been doing it for years and years! It works really well with peanut butter, margarine or anything else with that type of texture. Thanks for sharing with everyone! It really does work :)

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Archive: Measuring Shortening (Crisco)

Before you measure your Crisco or other shortening you should rinse your measuring cup with cold water. Pack shortening into the wet cup and it will slide right out in one piece instead of sticking to the cup!

By Robin

RE: Measuring Shortening (Crisco)

If you need a half cup of shortening, fill the measuring cup with a half cup of water. Then add shortening until the water level is at one cup. Pour off the water, and add the shortening to your recipe. This works for any amount of shortening. You will need a measuring cup bigger than the one cup size to measure more than half a cup of shortening. (04/22/2005)

By Jean