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When can I give a kitten flea treatment?

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How old does a kitten have to be before getting flea treatment?

Maxine from Cheshire



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By Rondalynne (Guest Post)07/08/2008

It can start receiving a bath immediately in warm water with DAWN "Blue" dishwashing detergents. You can add a little apple cider vinegar to that too, soap up a good lather and let sit approx. 3~5 min. rinse thouroughly. They also can begin on flea drops at between 6 ~ 12 wks. generally depends on the medication and manufacturer. Revolution is the best choice, unfortunately it's prescription only.

By flow (Guest Post)09/05/2007

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By Joan [13]05/23/2007

20+ years ago there was an article in Prevention that I follow to this day. Lorann Oils carries Oil of Cedar Leaf-item # 2090-0800. A 4 oz bottle lasts me 4-5 years at a cost of $26.00, so is cheaper than what you buy to put on your dogs or cats. Put 3 drops on a brown square of paper [grocery bags paper] in each corner of every room where pet can't get it every 2 days, then every 4 days then once a week. Within a week, all fleas have fled and I keep doing it til the first frost. When first put down, house smells like a cedar closet, but the scent disappears in a few minutes, but still drives out the fleas. Make sure it is Cedar LEAF, not Cedar Wood.

By Michawn [16]05/21/2007

I would check out the individual treatments. I think some say as early as 12 weeks, I would think it would be less than 6 months because they can track in a lot of fleas before that!!!

Whatever you do, please consider NOT using Hartz flea drops. They contain some serious chemicals, my cat nearly died because of it. Check it out on the internet, you'll see there are hundreds of cats and some dogs that have been killed by this stuff they continue to sell.

By Denise (Guest Post)05/21/2007

For something like Advantage or Frontline they must be at least 8 weeks old. You can safely use Adams flea spray in a small amount(spray a little into your hands and rub thru the coat), or if they will allow you to bathe them, a mixture of equal amounts of baby shampoo and peroxide left on 5 mins before rinsing kills the fleas with no harmful effects to the kitten. You can also use this shampoo should your animals ever have a reaction to any type of flea treatment you use.

By kimberly [1]05/21/2007

check out im seriously considering trying this, it says its for both cats and dogs of any age.

By Maddy05/20/2007

The kitten has to be at least 6 months old which was told to me by the Vet..

I have 4 cats and if you have more than one cat might i suggest to get a Litter Maid electric cat box they are great!!! It does all the scooping for you while you are gone for the day and when you come home all you do is take the plastic grocery bag that you lined the tray with and just throw it outside in the trash and add more kitty litter... I love mine, and wouldn't live without one!!!

RE: When can I give a kitten flea treatment?

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