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Grease Stains on Beige Pants


I have grease or oil from a pickup truck on my beige 100% cotton pants. How can I get this stain out on the first try without ruining my pants?



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By Duane (Guest Post) 09/07/2004

To remove the stain you can rub the pants gently with some pertol. It will remove the stain instantly.

Also try nail paint remover it works well but do not keep it too long on the fabric.

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By Susan Sanders-Kinzel 9 2,498 09/07/2004

I'd try rubbing automotive hand cleaner like Goop (available at any auto parts store.) Keep working it into the stain, then wipe off with a paper towel. When it seems to be gone, was as you normally would.
- Susan

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By Jackolyn Smith 17 134 09/07/2004

This sounds crazy, but it really does work, and on the first try! Rub the stain with either lard or white Crisco (not butter flavored). Rub it in good, then launder as usual. I know this works, because I have used it on my son's clothes many times. He is an auto mechanic and gets grease & oil on his clothes almost every day.

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By Kathleen Bennett 68 09/07/2004

I've had great luck removing grease stains with a product called Greased Lightning. Although not cheap, I buy it at Wal-Mart and can sometimes find a coupon for it.

Good luck

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By Cindy (Guest Post) 09/08/2004

I always try my dishwashing liquid. I use Dawn. I figure it is suppose to cut the grease so why not. It usually works and if not, I figure nothing will.

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By (Guest Post) 09/08/2004

My husband works in a machine shop and gets very greasy. I add about 1/3 cup of ammonia to the soap and warm water. I wash all my clothes this way. It removes any greasy type stains and leaves all the clothes cleaner. It is also easy to find, and cheap.

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By ciara5 (Guest Post) 01/11/2005

i poured juice on my pants and i cant get it out. pleaz help me.

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