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Cleaning Baking Sheets

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I have heard that you can put your cookie sheets in your self-cleaning oven with no problem and they come out as good as new. Is this really safe? My pans have a lot of black residue on them from constant use and my new oven gets really hot when it cleans. I do not want a flash fire in my oven when I clean!

Thanks for your help,
Marion from Ontario, Canada



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By Evelyn04/11/2009

I have started using parchment paper for most things I put on the baking pans. In most cases it lifts off with no fuss and no cleaning problems. Sometimes a little leakage has to be wiped away, but that's it.

By Clyde G. (Guest Post)02/14/2009

There is a product on the market called "DIABLO CARBON KLEEN" (Removes baked-on Grease and Carbon from Metal Surfaces, Brick & Glass and is safe on aluminum).

I ordered a 1 pint can to clean up some aluminum baking sheets of mine that had turned brown and black with baked on grease. Sure did work for me and with very little effort. The shelf-life of this product seems to be somewhat limited before it begins to weaken.

Follow the directions! Keep away from small children.

Diablo's phone # is 1-800-548-1385
" website is

Good luck.

By Aaron D. (Guest Post)12/14/2008

I took the chance and cleaned mine in my self-cleaning oven. It worked way better than I hoped. It is almost entirely spotless. I didn't feel like there was anything at risk by doing this and the cookie sheet is still in great shape.

By Henry A. (Guest Post)12/08/2008

I like the answer from the lady who says, "Don't do anything. The burnt on gunk makes the cookies taste better." But, I suspect that is just a ruse to get out of a cleaning chore.

By Philip (Guest Post)07/26/2008

Just might be something to it when "just leave it alone" treatment is used; but I have a hard time just looking at that horrible cooked-on gook. I may try the suggestion of using 'Greased Lightning' next time I wash the subject baking sheets. I had thought about simply placing the 'gooked-up' pans into the oven next time the oven is cleaned.

By (Guest Post)04/29/2006

Thank you ladies!

By (Guest Post)04/15/2006

Thank you all for your suggestions and comments. I too am too afraid of messing up my new oven so I will stick to cleaning them by hand. Lots of great ideas. Thanks again.

By Teresa [4]04/11/2006

EZ Off oven cleaner

By Robin (Guest Post)04/10/2006

Try either SOS pads, which will work best, or else Comet in the powder formula. Both have worked great for me!

By Grandma Margie (Guest Post)04/09/2006

I've never heard of that, but then I'm sure there are a lot of things I've never heard of! LOL I'm too chicken to try it on my oven. I saved for too long to get a self-cleaning oven and I'd be sick if I messed it up!
I use soap filled steel wool pads to scrub off burned on grease most of the time. The hint someone gave about putting a used pad on a piece of aluminum foil to prevent rust has to be my all time favorite hint! It really works!
I also use a foam sanding block (fine grit) to scrub away stubborn burned spots on pizza pans and cookie sheets. They're in the paint accessory aisle next to the regular sandpaper at Wal Mart! About 25 years ago you could buy these little squares of foam with something similar to wet/dry sandpaper attached to one side. I'd find them near the SOS pads and Scotchbrites. They've disappeared from the stores. The sanding blocks work just as well, they're just bigger! DON'T use steel wool or the sanding blocks on teflon or similar non-stick bakeware! You'll ruin the finish! I'm personally starting to phase out any teflon type cook and bake ware. I'm beginning to doubt they are absolutely safe to use.

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]02/02/2006

What is the best way to get caked on, baked on grease off of cookie sheets and muffin tins? I tried Barkeeper's Friend with no success.

Carol from Fairview, TN

RE: Grease on a Cookie Sheet
imaqt1962 (Guest Post)
dawn (dish soap ) put out something you are supposed to be able to put on dishes like this and let it soak to get it clean, can't remember what it's called but your local retailer should carry it
RE: Grease on a Cookie Sheet
Post by hvnlyhills
I have found baking powder and one of those Mr. Clean erasers (other brands are available,too) work well to remove that brown burnt on grease. It still takes some elbow grease, but will work. I haven't tried it, but perhaps and oven cleaner will help, too. Good luck !


Post by Katie A.
I think hvnlyhills means to use baking soda, as it is a mild abrasive. If that doesn't work, very gently use fine steel wool or a steel wool soap pad. Use a very light touch to avoid damaging your pans.
RE: Grease on a Cookie Sheet
Linda (Guest Post)
Spray with oven cleaner, let sit overnight (outdoors should be good), baked on gunk should come right off.
RE: Grease on a Cookie Sheet
Post by sjackie2000
I work in a snack bar and we've found that the best thing to get burned on grease off from any surface is to spray with 'Greased Lightning'. Let it sit for about 10 minutes and it'll wash right off with hardly any elbow grease at all.
RE: Grease on a Cookie Sheet
Post by SweetCali40
I have always used a paste made from baking soda and water. It won't scratch incase your baking sheets or pans are nonstick. I also use the paste on my oven window to get the baked on grease off.

Try this... it works!

RE: Grease on a Cookie Sheet
Post by mousie
Oh my. Many years ago I was washing dishes after a delicious meal at the home of some "older" friends. Both Ray and Florence were very good cooks. I was scrubbing the "burnt on" grease off the cookie sheet with a Brillo pad, determined to get it clean. Ray asked me what I was doing. I told him I was trying to get the burnt on stuff off. He said not to do that... to leave it there because that's what makes cookies good. No one made better cookies than Ray and Florence!!!

He was right. It has taken me a long time to "age" my cookie sheets, and the blacker they get the better the cookies are. It's the same with muffin tins and pizza pans. Just as cast iron has to be aged, so do some baking pans. It all depends on what it is.

So, instead of wasting your money on chemicals that aren't good for you, just wash them in HOT sudsy water to get the grease off, but leave the burned on grease and whatever... it doesn't hurt anything, it will enhance the flavor and you won't be adding traces of a harmful chemical residue to your food.

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