Looking for Weed Killer that Won't Kill Grass


What can I use to kill blackberries and thistles, but not kill the grass?

By Michael from Washougal, WA


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By Eileen M. 56 240 11/01/2010

Look for a broad leaf weed killer that is labeled safe for lawns. Most of the phenoxy herbicides (2,4-D, dicamba, MCPA, etc.) will do minimal damage to grasses and take care of the broad leaf weeds just fine. Blackberries will be very hard to kill - many repeated applications of the weed killer will be needed!

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By PAMELA 9 12/30/2010

Black berries are indeed hard to kill. Some areas in Washington state and Oregon have gone to pasturing goats in these areas. Goats naturally will eat the berry bushes first over grass. By keeping the leaves stripped off the plant and eating the new growth they eventually starve the plant to death. This has happened on my own property when I moved my goats into a pasture with wild roses, russian thisthle, mint, knap weed and cat tails. 3 years later I have a pasture that is primarily grass and clover, the stream is no longer chocked with cat tails and best of all, happy goats.

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Archive: Looking for Weed Killer that Won't Kill Grass

We've got a lot of weeds (dandelions, et cetera) that are nearly taking over the yard, but we've also got a dog, so chemical weed killers are out. Are there any effective weed killers (that won't kill the grass too) that are also safe for dogs?

Rachel from Iowa

- - 05/18/2004
Last year a friend recommended using a triple 16 fertilizer. Each fertilizer has its "code" of how much minerals, etc. is in it. Find one that is 16-16-16 and lime.

When we bought our house two years ago, the first summer we fought huge weeds and dandelions. Last summer we only had a few tiny ones and that was at the end probably when the fertilizer, etc. had done it's job.

I was told to mix them together, but I placed one in my push lawn seeder and adjusted the setting to a smaller setting and did one then the other. Just remember to use at least an allergy mask because it is dangerous to get in your eyes and lungs.

We had nice plush green grass and almost no dandelions and absolutely no weeds all year last year.

By Tawnda
- - 05/19/2004
We use the vinegar and dish soap all the time but I think it will kill grass too. We use a 1-2 gallon spray canister with a pump and nozzle. Fill up nearly all the way with vinegar and add about a cup of dish soap. The vinegar kills the weeds. The dish soap is used to help the vinegar stick to the weed.
- - 11/18/2004
Weed n feed is harmful to your trees. If you are using weed n feed, avoid anything under the drip line of your trees. There is an organic product on the market for weeds called Finale. You can spray it on your yard twice a year for 2 years, then once a year every year after. It's way better for your trees and the environment.
By Kim (Guest Post)
- - 04/12/2005
How about bleach as a weed killer?
By rogbet
- - 04/12/2005
Bleach will definitely kill weeds but also everything else it comes in contact with including the grass. I wouldn't recommend it.

Susan from ThriftyFun

By Thrifty_Fun
- - 05/13/2005
Check out www.gardensalive.com. Click on the "Lawn Care" link at the left side of the page. On the resulting page You'll see links for Original WOW! and for WOW! Plus. WOW is a byproduct of corn syrup production, and controls germination of broadleaf weeds like dandelions and crabgrass, but it's not poisonous so you can let your dogs out right after it's been applied. WOW Plus is the original stuff plus a balanced all-natural fertilizer.

I love the products from Gardens Alive because they're environmentally responsible. And no, I am not affiliated with them in any way (except as a customer), so I'm not saying this to get a commission. :-)

By sunhat
- - 05/15/2005
I read spreading 16-16-16 fertilizer and then going over the lawn with lime will kill weeds and help the grass flourish. Have yet to find 16-16-16 fertilizer.
By Fran Marie (Guest Post)
- - 06/08/2005
It is called "Burnout" and it is organic. Go to their web site http://www.commonsensecare.com It is pet safe and environmentally friendly
By Christine (Guest Post)
- - 08/07/2005
Apple Cider Vinegar works good on weeds not grass
By Bill (Guest Post)
- - 10/14/2005
I have been developing weed killers and fertilizer for over 40 years. at the moment there is NOTHING environmentally safe that kills weeds and not grass.

The product Burn out is vinegar and clove oil. It kills everything green. A better product is Perfectly Natural Weed and Grass Killer. It does a better job of killing everything green.

The secret has always been get a health lawn and you will not have weeds. Fertilize with a good fertilizer 3 times a year. Remember that the Fall fertilization is the most important one

By dave199

Archive: Looking for Weed Killer that Won't Kill Grass

Killing weeds without killing grass: I need a natural homemade weed killer that will kill weeds but not the grass.


Archive: Looking for Weed Killer that Won't Kill Grass

I have lots of weeds growing in my front yard. What can I use to kill them without killing the grass?


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