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Ant Repellents

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Does anyone know of a natural house ant repellent. Tiny black ants. They're getting into everything.

Jomi from Cole City, GA



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By ninja12/04/2010

I just did a science fair thing for ant repellents and out of cinnamon, coarse ground black pepper, table salt, crushed garlic, and powdered detergent coarse ground black pepper worked the best. the rest we good just not as. If you want to know how to test your own, shoot me a response and I'll tell you. Works like a charm. Hope I win the science. Thanks!

By kathyk05/06/2010

They are in everything! When I spray one place they pop up another. Its' really gross! so I started flinging cinnamon everywhere in the kitchen, they were in the bathroom but they must have found some good stuff in my kitchen and they seem to be deterred by the cinnamon but just go somewhere else like in the fridge. So I have to get an exterminator. thanks for the tips.

By mark08/31/2009

Ant poison granules work the best. They are highly effective, because ants are STRONGLY attracted to them (unlike ant baits), and they'll head right for them. The ants don't die at once, but they bring the granules back to their hive, and will wipe out the entire colony.

It's best to do this outside first. Sprinkle a bunch along the outside permiter of your house, and anywhere you might think the ants are coming from (ie. anthills, and trees).

You can put some inside too (in a safe spot, like under the kitchen sink), but killing the ants OUTSIDE of the house, are going to pretty much take care of the ants inside, as well. Ants live outdoors, and they almost never completly inhabit indoors (they always will sneak their way, back out of your home, and return to their colony outdoors).

Ant repllent spray works wonders as well, just spray this along the outside permiter of your home. I found one heavy duty brand that repells various bugs (ants, silverfish, earwigs, and more) for 12 WHOLE months. But, the effect will wear off after it rains. But, the brand I was using worked indoors, as well (a TON of ants got inside my house once, and I used some spray, and it repelled them all in just a few minutes).

You can find powerful ant granules, and ant repellant/killer spray at various "home improvement" stores (ie. In the US, their is Home Depot, and Lowes- not sure about any others)

By beleenn (Guest Post)02/25/2009

Cinnamon, baby powder, salt

By sasha feirce (Guest Post)11/20/2008

I guess I will try baby powder.

By jonas (Guest Post)09/17/2008

hey everybody! can any one help us how to repel ants by using pine trees? is there any plants that can repel ants?

By Naeema (Guest Post)09/06/2008

Well I've tried many things to get rid of these darn ants. I've tried boiling water, powder, uncooked instant grits, hosing them down, vinegar, and the only thing I found that gives instant satisfaction is faultless heavy spray starch and rave x4 mega hold hairspray. As soon as you spray them they curl and die, its rather morbid, but if you have as big as a problem as i do, you'll LOVE this stuff.

By joan (Guest Post)07/19/2008

My town must be on a giant anthill, so I am going to try some of these suggestions. I'll let everyone know which one works the best. Thanks

By Dana (Guest Post)07/09/2008

My mother always used Borax laundry softener that you find in the grocery store. They say an ant won't cross a white line and it's true. Find where the ants are coming in at and pour some Borax by the entry area. They hate it and it's a natural and non toxic repellent. Good luck!

By Tylere (Iowa) (Guest Post)05/25/2008

I'm having huge ant problem in new apartment, have tried several repellents and they work for a few days but the ants come back. I'm trying the cinnamon now but it seems to make them appear in even greater numbers.

By Jessica (Guest Post)05/16/2008

I am 11 years old. I am doing a science fair project about ants and I need some information about them. Can y'all guys please give me some information about ants because I really want to win this thing, if I do, then I can go to the city science fair and hopefully go to county... you get the point. OK then I will talk to you later.

By bibi (Guest Post)12/08/2007

baby powder makes ants go slow and kills easily

By april (california) (Guest Post)12/01/2007

I used the ground cinnamon and it worked great!!
Thanx for the tip.

By Brittany. (Guest Post)09/06/2007

WD-40 works well too. I also head that ground cinnamon does the trick, but don't know about that though.

By Stef (Guest Post)08/08/2007

thx all of u for ur help

By Anita from calif (Guest Post)07/27/2007

I've tried a bunch of these things and it works for a day or two but, the little buggers keep coming back inside. I have redone all my food in zip bags or jars and they still get all over everthing. Even when there is no food on the counters they are there! Everyday it's a battle. I feel like a losing warrior in an action movie! LOL
I really need something to keep the ants from coming back. I'm tired!! HELP!

By Mary [12]07/16/2007

Yep, diatomaceous earth is the way to go. It's a naturally occuring mineral based sediment that comes from fossilized plants called diatoms and works by cutting into the bodies of the insects, causing them to dehydrate and die. Pick some up in the garden section of your local home store; usually comes in a good sized bag or a sprinkle can. It's safe, but you want to avoid breathing it in when you sprinkle it out. You can even sprinkle it on your carpet and directly on your dog to kill fleas! Check the package for guidelines and precautions. It's also the only thing that worked for me to kill slugs that were feasting on my tomatoes and I tried all the other "home remedies" like the beer bait and all. Once I put down the DE they were gone.

By katie (Guest Post)07/15/2007

I tried using the grits and that didn't work for me

By Janice C. [18]07/03/2007

I poured about a cup of vinegar in front of my porch door sill where they had suddenly appeared, and that was the end of them.

By pab (Guest Post)07/03/2007

Hi, When ants get on my kitchen counters I put dish soap full stregth on the counters and wipe it around with a paper towel. The ants disappear but remember you have dish soap on the counter when you prepare food the next time. this really works well. pab

By jomi (Guest Post)07/03/2007

Thank you all, so much. The only thing that I had around the house is borax and baby powder and medicated powder. I sprinkled them everywhere in my kitchen. I'll let you know how they work. I love this sight! THANKS!

By margaret Tx (Guest Post)07/02/2007

I had ants comeing into my house and i got some chalk and grounded it up and made a powder and sprinkled it all around the doors and windows i got this idea from my sister she had a peace of chalk and was drawing on the steps and were she made a line an ant would not cross it so thats what i did made a line with chalk powder and it works try it

By duckie43 (Guest Post)07/02/2007

I sprinkled cinnamon around the window sills and the ants won't cross it. Plus it smells good

By Lynn Marler [39]07/02/2007

Try any of those spray cleaners that have orange oil (has to be the oil, not just fragrance) in it. As long as it wouldn't ruin your floor or floor covering, spray it around where you're seeing them and it should take care of it. Peppermint oil (oil, not the extract) works too and neither it nor the orange oil are supposed to be harmful to your pets or kids. (Unless they were to drink it straight from the bottle, of course!)

By Beth [25]07/02/2007

Borax - like you find in the laundry aisle of the market. Sprinkle that around. They like it - until it kills them.

By Donita [9]07/02/2007

I sprinkle "instant grits" on the ants. They eat it and take it back to the queen. It swells up inside of them and they are goners.

Dj from Colorado

By (Guest Post)07/02/2007

There is a product out there called diatamaceous earth.Diatomaceous earth consists of fossilized remains of diatoms, a type of hard-shelled algae. The ants will not bother you after you sprinkle this around the entry areas.

By Annie Rios Hill [12]07/08/2005

Oh I hate those little buggers! We live in a little black crazy ant zone they march in file and then after 2 weeks of driving me NUTS they up and leave. I went thur 2 bottles of terro 4 boxes of ant
Combat and lots of powder....

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]07/06/2005

For minor ant problems in your home, find where they are coming in and put a dryer sheet in the space. Ants don't like dryer sheets!

By Leann

By Jennifer Nelson [1]06/10/2005

Hi Robin!

This worked for me. My cats get canned food twice a day and the ants could get to the food in a matter of minutes.

I sprinkled baby power on the carpet, the diameter of the plate and it got rid of them immediately.

Alexandria, VA

By wendee (Guest Post)06/09/2005

There are some teeny tiny ants at my workplace so I tried this, figured powder couldn't hurt anyone. It didn't faze the ants either tho!

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]06/09/2005

If you have trouble with ants just try sprinkling some baby powder around their entry places and along your doorways and windowsills. They won't cross the powder.

By Robin

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