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Putting Stubborn Lids on Tupperware

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If you are having a hard time putting a plastic lid on a tupperware type container, run the lid under hot water. It should fit much more easily.

By Fisher


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By Kathryn M.04/09/2013

I have been attempting to fid this lid on a Tupperware bowl with no success and I caught your tip to use hot water under a tap and it worked like a charm. Thank you very much! You are the best.

By B [1]07/20/2006

Another tip if the hot water doesn't work, is on a sunny day put the lid on the floor in your car. When your car heats up it'll soften the lid. I had some tupperware lids that wouldn't fit no matter what I did (including the hot water), I decided to take them to the Tupperware stand in the mall to see what they could do for it and the containers sat in the car for about 4 or 5 hours in the heat. When I brought them into the stand the person had NO problem getting them on....I felt like a fool!

By Ariela [33]07/15/2006

That works well.. I also get alot of Tupperware lids at
garage sales.. give then a quick soak in hot bleach water.. wash
in dish water and wow.. I pay like .05 or .10 for them.. if they want more offer less.. they take it just to get rid of them. Dont put them
in the dish washer.. it warps them.

By Maggie (Guest Post)07/14/2006

NOW you tell me! I have thrown out so many lids because they didn't work! Thanks for future use though.

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