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Santa Heads Made From Detergent Bottles


Last year I went to Florida to a Christmas bazaar and I saw Santa Claus heads made with wool and fabric from detergent and liquid soap bottles. Does someone know how to make them? Over here in Germany they don't know these decorations. I want to make some of them for my friends. I apologize for my english and I hope you cam help me find instructions on how to make these funny santa faces.

Schluppi from Hamburg, Germany



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By Judi 24 10/20/2005 Flag

Hi Schluppi...
I don't know the answer to your question about the Santa heads. I just want you to know that your English is very good and you do not have anything to apologize for!!! I hope someone does post the answer.
Good luck! Judi in South Dakota

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By Harlean 141 425 10/22/2005 Flag

Hello Schluppi,
Here is a link that has a picture and the directions for the Santa Head made from a bleach bottle. I think this is the one you are looking for. Well, I was having trouble adding the picture, but it looks as if it is showing up now. But go to the link below for the directions.
Harlean from Arkansas

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By Susan Sanders-Kinzel 9 2,498 10/23/2005 Flag

(Sent in the contest form)
Santa Head Made from a Bleach Bottle

Materials needed

1 bleach bottle
Large piece of Red Felt
1 sheet of pink felt
2 google eyes
Red Pompom for nose
2 Large skeins of Worsted weight White yarn.

Cut bleach bottle in half. Cut so that the handle is in front of you and cut sideways. Take the half without the handle and hot glue the pink felt on the bottle for the face you can glue on the pompom and the eyes. Cut two large Triangles from Red felt. Glue to top half of bleach bottle for hat. Two make the fur on the hat Take the white yarn and wrap it around a three inch long piece of cardboard 25 times. Slip off the cardboard and tie in the center with a small piece of yarn. Now with your sisscors punch a hole in the Bleach bottle below the red felt and push the two ends of the middle tying yarn through the Hole. Tie a knot in the yarn to keep it from coming back out. It all depends on how thick you want the fur as to how many you make.. Make a white Pom Pom for the tip of his hat.

Take 8 inch piece of cardboard wrap it 25 times and tie in the middle and tuck up under red Pompom nose in the same manner as for the the fur. This makes Santa's moustache Use the same techinque to make Santa's Beard. It will take three rows of poufs to make his beard. Good Luck and have fun. You can use sparkle yarn and you could add some rosy cheeks with a little bit of blush. You could also make Mrs. Claus by make poufs of grey yarn to make her hair. Bend some wire into a pair of glasses and add a big bow at the bottom to finish her off.

By Debra in Colorado

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By Donna Evans (Guest Post) 01/26/2007 Flag

I have seen Mr. and mrs. Claus made from recycled bleach bottles. I have the Pattern for Santa, but not for Mrs. Claus. Can someone help me out?

email address: sass.evans AT

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