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12 Year Old Boys Birthday Party Ideas

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I need help organizing a birthday party for my son who is turning 12. I really do not want a party at home, but I really do not have a lot of money either. HELP

Monica from Cicero, IL



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By Gale10006/21/2015

Camping! Even if you can't afford a campground, if you or a friend have a big back yard, you're all set! You could have a BBQ during the day, have a water balloon fight, or swimming, if you have a pool, you can swim, play some sports, do some Archery, fishing, hiking, make s'mores around a fire, and sleep in tents in the back yard! My son loves to do that. You can always find people who can give the kids a fishing lesson, (maybe one of the dads) or a lesson on how to build a campfire! The only thing that will cost money is the food for the BBQ, s'mores and drinks. Just have hotdogs, hamburgers, chips, popcorn, juice, lemonade or Kool-aid!
Ask friends if they have any skills in fishing, etc., and ask them for an hour of their time, they may be happy to!
Have a fun birthday!

By Birthday Blueprints04/06/2013

My nephew's birthday party was a mall scavenger hunt. My nephew enjoyed this, you can try this for your boys. Just be sure that you and your boys know the mall where the party activity will be held. It's going to be an adventurous party!

Read this blog about Birthday Party Games for for kids of all ages : ... ay-party-games-for-kids-of-all-ages/

By Charles P.01/20/2013

I'll give you a great game. Its a bubble blowing contest. For each boy put a piece of unwrapped Bazooka gum on a paper plate. have the boys each hold a plate with gum on it.

Explain that its a bubble blowing contest and the first one to blow a bubble wins a prize. Sounds too easy right?

Now take a can of Reddi whip cream and cover the gum and the plate with Reddi Whip on each plate. On your mark-get set-go!

Each boy then sticks his face in the whipped cream to find the gum. Gets it in his mouth. Has trouble blowing a bubble because of the whipped cream.

Finally after about 3 minutes and faces full of whipped cream, one of the boys will blow a bubble and win. Give the winner a prize. Make sure you have paper towels and a camera ready for this. You will get great pictures and memories for a lifetime. Have fun!

By jj (Guest Post)10/16/2008

What should I do for birthday party?

By aj (Guest Post)10/11/2008

Hey you guys could have just invited a bunch of friends over and had a dance! That would be cool.

By Paula (Guest Post)10/03/2008

I know you said that you didn't want to do anything at your house....But you could always do a bonfire outside, and hey they're boys...they can always find a bathroom somewhere outside I'm sure!

You could let the boys cook hot-dogs by putting them on a stick and holding them over the fire. They could just do ketcup on them and for dessert you could buy marshmellows, chocolate hersey bars and graham crackers and let them make smores! And what kid doesn't like kool-aid.

They could play flashlight tag or they could just hang out talking by the fire and have boy talk.

Good Luck and I hope your son has a wonderful 12th Birthday! My son will be 12 next week too!!!

By (Guest Post)10/02/2008

im turning 12 in 7 days help i need party ideas fast but my mom don't have much money and our house is messy so we can't do anything @ our house please help! :\

By Cookedpug (girl) (Guest Post)08/21/2008

My friend had a party at Horizen fun afex for his 12th b-day and it was aweomse we skated, played lazer tag, played games, and got prizes!

By Rodrigus Santiablo (Guest Post)08/19/2008

Well eh me and my twin brother are having our 12th birthday party soon and we have no idea what to do! We were thinking of having a Mexican theme fancy dress since my family is Mexican and then our guests will learn a bit about our culture as well as having loads of fun. If you get any ideas tell me cause I don't like my brothers Mexican theme idea. HELP!

By chris (Guest Post)07/07/2008

I'm turning 12 in 3 days HELP ME!

By Henry (Guest Post)06/09/2008

I'm turning 12 in 17 days and I have no idea what to do either so if some people could come up with any helpful ideas that would be wonderful! :)

By White Fang (Guest Post)05/21/2008

I got an idea. Check out lazer quest. It's great, come home, fool around with buddies and play video games, order pizza, watch a movie and also if ya like sports, tickets to one.
Oh and a sleep over cause that's what I'm doing without the sports.

By 11, twelve in a week and 1 day (Guest Post)04/23/2008

My brother and I are turning twelve in a week and 1 day. We have no idea what to do either!

By IKS (Guest Post)04/09/2008

I think you need to send your 12 year old and his friends outside, and make up some games, so it'll be nice for both of you.

By mitchel (Guest Post)03/08/2008

I went paint balling, and it was so awesome. I was popular for like 5 years after that hehe, and theres a low risk of getting hurt if everyones the same age.

By Lynda (Guest Post)03/31/2007

Some neighbors of our had a party of six boys that age all go together in their van to LaserQuest, and
"PAY FOR THEIR OWN WAY", which seemed so strange to me, but it seems to be the way things are going now days? They had a sleep-over that night,
went to one another's homes all during the next day.
We had been sick all week, so our "gift" was some money in a cute card, which the BD boy appreciated.
God bless you. : )

By Carol (Guest Post)03/31/2007

I had a double dare party at the park for my kids. It was fun. You need to be creative. I used questions from something like Klutz Quiz. Another website that has good party ideas is ... ature/partycentral_intro_parties_sf/

By (Guest Post)03/30/2007

Beach party, if possible, or park. Maybe a community pool? How about taking everyone to a minor or local baseball game?

By amber (Guest Post)03/30/2007

I guess it all depends on what he's in to. Go to and they have good ideas for all age groups!

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