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Removing Kool-aid Stains from Clothing

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How do you get red Kool-Aid stain out of a white shirt?

By beanersbabes from Millersburg, OH


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By geka atencio [1]11/08/2014

Hot water should do the trick

By mary S12/12/2010

My daughter spilled red koolaid all over her new white shirt today. I threw it in the sink with hot water and baking soda. The stain came right out.

By Kevin08/15/2009

Boiling water worked great on my white shirt! Wow! Thank you so much (it was brand new)!

By mcw [80]07/16/2009

Mixture of peroxide and water or try a generic brand Oxi-Clean which can be purchased from the dollar stores.


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Archive: Removing Kool-aid Stains from Clothing

Does anyone know how to get red kool-aid out of kids clothes? I even called the company and they have no idea. This is a powder drink that you can add your own amount of sugar and water to make freeze pops or juice for the summertime.

It is an inexpensive drink for the summer; but be careful what clothes they wear or use sipper cups for the small children. I have lost many tops because of the kool-aid stains. Any ideas? Please post and I'll be glad to try. Thank you for taking the time to reply to this post.

Cecilia from Delaware

RE: Removing Kool-aid Stains from Clothing

I've never gotten red out, but you have two choices.

1. Dye the whole garment using red kool-aid to match the stains (don't laugh, it makes an awesome dye. And as you have seen, never comes out!).

2. Buy the new kind of Kool-Aid that is clear but still has the flavor.

Have fun with it. (05/22/2008)

By irtoodvs4u

RE: Removing Kool-aid Stains from Clothing

Peroxide? Shame on that company, they should know! (05/23/2008)

By kimhis

RE: Removing Kool-aid Stains from Clothing

Try pouring boiling water on the stain. I read this somewhere and it really works on most berry or red stains. My daughter came home today with red Kool-aid down a brand new shirt and it came right out. (06/04/2008)

By Shari

RE: Removing Kool-aid Stains from Clothing

I just used hand soap and cold water followed by peroxide. There was still a little color left and I used boiling water as suggested by someone here and the rest of the stain was gone. This was on a bright yellow t-shirt and it didn't hurt the shirt color at all. (08/09/2008)

By DEborah

RE: Removing Kool-aid Stains from Clothing

My daughter came home with a red Kool-aid stain on a new school shirt of hers and school has not even started yet. I tried pouring the boiling hot water on the inside of the stain to push the stain out. I am completely amazed. I have never seen a Kool-aid stain come out like that. After pouring the hot water on it, I laundered as directed. You can't even tell that there was a stain there. Thanks Shari! (08/11/2008)

By Nicole

RE: Removing Kool-aid Stains from Clothing

Aspirin works pretty good. Drop 1 in the load and no stain! (11/24/2008)

By Brittany H.

RE: Removing Kool-aid Stains from Clothing

Thank you so much! The boiling water trick worked for me too and saved a very expensive sweater. (12/03/2008)

By Laura

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