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Freezing Eggs in the Shell

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Can you freeze fresh eggs in the shell?

By Bonnie from Nevada, IA


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By Kim12/05/2011

I have frozen them for years so that we had enough eggs to get through winter. (Chickens that are not artificially heated/lit do not lay in the winter but can lay for many years beyond chickens that are not given a 'break' from laying.) They were all farm fresh though... so they were not sitting around on grocery store shelves or anything.

We did only use them for hard boiled, scrambled or baking though.


It's not worth the risk of bacteria. Here's a link of assorted ways to freeze eggs:

By dupperdog [2]03/09/2011

They will crack if you freeze them. I have chickens and live in a cold climate. If you do not collect the eggs promptly they will freeze and crack. If the egg is cracked, it will allow bacteria to enter the egg. A cracked egg could possibly be used right away if heated to a high temperature, but I would not advise freezing whole eggs as a method of storage.

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