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How Long Will Butternut Squash Keep?

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How long will butternut squash keep after it is picked?

Hardiness Zone: 6a

By Dorothy from Cleveland, OH


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By kim [2]08/21/2010

I too have kept my butternut squash for many months through the winter. I left it on the vine as long as possible then when I did have to bring it in (it was probably close to October) I set mine in a basket using it (them, I had several of different sizes) as a center piece for either the dining or coffee table. They looked really pretty and were often a conversation piece, starting with, "are those yours from your garden?" Even more so by April! I think that was when I used the last one. They were so, so good! I have some growing now along with spaghetti squash. Good luck with them, and enjoy.

By Julia [136]08/21/2010

I'd wrap each individual squash in newspaper so they didn't touch one another in case one started going soft. Do check them over frequently though and use any squash that appears to be getting a soft spot. We've kept them over winter and into spring when we were in Michigan. I think about 5 months we had plenty of good squash, used them for baking, stuffing, and made some wonderful "pumpkin pies" with them too.

We knew folks who stored them in straw in their root cellars.

Hope this helps.


By Liz [15]08/18/2010

If there no bad spots, nicks in the skin, etc. it will keep for about eight months in a cool basement. You should check the squash about once a week, though, to see if it's starting to go bad. In that case you can cut out the bad spot and cook it immediately. Enjoy!

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