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Making Spirit Gifts for High School Dance Team


My daughter's high school dance team is going to Nationals and I would like to make spirit gifts for the girls (17 of them). Any ideas or thoughts?

Deb from VA



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By (Guest Post) 02/19/2009 Flag

Take empty tubes ( like TP rolls ) and fill with wrapped candies of the school colors. Or buy cheap sheer bags ( walmart has them in the craft section )and fill with school colored jelly beans and tie with coordinating ribbon.

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By Paulette Gulakowski 7 177 02/20/2009 Flag

Inexpensive hoop earrings, add beads in school colors, stringing them directly on the hoop.

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By sally (Guest Post) 02/23/2009 Flag

What about getting refillable water bottles and painting on them with a paint pen? I saw some nice ones for around a dollar at dollar general today, I think they were even a decent brand also. Cute and colorful and would be useful for athletes.

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By Donna (Guest Post) 02/26/2009 Flag

One year we made hair scrunchies. We took regular hair ties and cut out rectangles of fabric in the team colors. About 6" long by 1" wide is what we used. Make a loop out of the fabric, put the hair tie on the middle of the loop, pull the ends of the fabric through the loop and pull tight. Use lots of strips for a full hair tie.

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By Chilli (Guest Post) 02/28/2009 Flag

Try putting together some bags full of things that may be needed. Cute band aides, feminine hygiene products, extra hair ties, mini hair spray bottles (you can buy travel sized ones and fill them using a costco sized bottle), mini deodorants, decks of cards, a few snacks, needle and thread, and anything else that may come in handy.

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By Rachel 3 17 03/27/2009 Flag

Buy a bunch of sets of hair clips. Use puffy paint, glitter or small bows of ribbon in school colors to glue on them. How about buying a bunch of those fluffy plastic loofa's (you know those plastic bath sponge thingys.) in school colors and give those to the girls with some travel size body wash. You could also buy a bunch of nail polishes and give those to the girls. Usually Grocery Outlet has good nail polishes (such as revlon) for cheap. Or wet and wild is a good price also. If you end up getting the nail polishes you can buy all different colors but tie plastic ribbon in school colors around the tops and curl it. That would be a really cute added touch.

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