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Custom Candy Stocking

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Custom Candy Stocking

I've just come up with the best idea instead of buying a treat filled stocking. Make your own custom stockings!

Cut a stocking shape from a cardboard cereal box or similar and cover with alfoil. Carefully place the net (saved from buying oranges) over the stocking.

Tie the toe end with string, wire or cable tie then fill with your chosen treats or novelties. Tape them in place so they don't move around. Finish the other end with a wire tie and some ribbon. Add a gift tag if you wish.

These look so great that children won't even notice they are homemade!

By Kfromoz from Australia


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By Ziggee12/28/2006

I love your idea and just may use it for my dh for any holiday or special occassion.


By melinda12/27/2006

I think I would rather have and give out the homemade one!!!
Looks great!

By suzanne [240]12/20/2006


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