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Crafts Using Styrofoam Peanuts

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I am looking for Styrofoam peanut crafts and recycle crafts about and making horses.

Delilah from Columbia, SC



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By Amy M. (Guest Post)02/19/2009

If I understand your post you want to make something having to do with horses too. When we were little my mom made all of us horses to gallop around with. The head was a stuffed sock, she sewed buttons on for eyes & a nose, the mane was made out of yarn and I think felt for the mouth. She put the sock head on a wooden broomstick type pole that was painted. We would put on our cowboy hats and gallop around the dining room table!

By Osa (Guest Post)02/19/2009

Use the idea above for the garland except make it necklace size. Put them in the microwave and cook @ 15 second intervals. The "peanuts" shrivel and become hard.

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [446]02/18/2009

If your peanuts are white, try this cute and fun idea.

Glue them to a piece of foam that you can get 10 8" by 10" sheets for at the Dollar Tree store. Each square can be about 2" by 2". Before you put the peanut on the front, low temp glue a small magnet on the back, preferably the flat kind you can get at...where else...the Dollar Tree!

On the front in a nice hand, write "GHOST POOP" and glue the peanut to the foam square. You now have a cute gift for your self, someone else, or a cute thing to sell at a fundraiser. N-JOY!

Here's some other ideas plus a shot of the snowman poop magnet!

By nancycorinne (Guest Post)02/18/2009

Good for you...recycling those peanuts! But beware, some of them are now bio-degradable. You just add water and they disintegrate!

By Coreen Hart [78]02/17/2009

I learned this from my neighbor. Thread a darning needle with dental floss or string. Put the peanuts on one at a time to make a garland for the Christmas tree. The peanuts are slightly brittle, so go carefully. It looks so nice on our sparkly Christmas tree!

By Beth [25]02/17/2009

I don't know about crafts, but over the holidays when I was in the UPS Store I saw a sign that said they accept them for recycling.

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