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Scratches on a Porcelain Sink


I used an abrasive pad on my porcelain kitchen sink. Big mistake. Now I have scratches and big discolorations. What can I do? My husband will kill me.

By W. Gaffney from Westboro, MA


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By PENNY K 14 562 02/22/2010

Get some bartender's friend and gently use it to buff out the porcelain and hope it works.

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By Anna Shobe 5 38 02/25/2010

They make a product that refinishes tubs, should buffing out not work you might try that. They sell it at home depot and Lowes but I would take myself down to a local hardware store and see what they tell you to do. I have also heard that taking enamel paint and carefully painting the scratch little by little will cover it and make it invisible. But I would ask at the local hardware store, and look at the tub repainting stuff.

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By anne 13 149 02/27/2010

Barkeeper's Friend (cleanser) you can buy at WalMart

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Archive: Scratches on a Porcelain Sink

How do I remove the scratches/stains left in my sink from metal pans scraping against the sink surface? It's a porcelain sink.

Deniece from Sacramento CA

RE: Scratches on a Porcelain Sink

I'm thinking you have a cast iron sink. If you have scratches there is nothing you can do to remove them. If they are like nicks there is paint you can buy to recolor the scratch. It would be similar to scratch cover on furniture.

I suggest that once you clean your sink well and get it like you want it. Give it a cover of paste wax. You can use floor paste wax or car wax to protect the finish of your sink.

I like to clean my sink with Tilex. I spray the sink and let it sit for a few minutes. Coffee and tea stains are removed in just seconds. Also, the sink is disinfected. Use an old toothbrush to do around the faucets and sink rim. Clean inside the drain and put the strainer into the dishwasher once in a while to disinfect that. Once your sink is nice and clean, you'll really notice it. I've done this with my 30 year old sink and couldn't be happier. Best of luck.

Carol in PA (12/01/2006)

By Carol in PA

RE: Scratches on a Porcelain Sink

i also have a porcelain sink. I get scratches in it all the time. At first I was cleaning it with a simple paste of baking soda and water, but that took off the finish in those areas. I also have used Soft Scrub and if I remember correctly that did work well.

Sandy (12/01/2006)

By sandy63

RE: Scratches on a Porcelain Sink

Would a special cleanser for stoneware dishes and smooth cooktop stoves remove the scratches? (12/03/2006)

By cookwie

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