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Other Uses for an Old Sewing Machine

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I have an old Singer cabinet style sewing machine and I would like some ideas of how to utilize it other than using it as an end table with a cloth covering it. I would appreciate any clever ideas you may have. Thanks!



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By Marge05/10/2010

I'm using mine as a patio bar. Where the machine used to drop in, I put a plastic bin for ice. The fold out works for a great serving area. The finish wasn't great to start with, but with some weather proof paint, it should last a while. When not in use, I can fold it up and put a pretty plant on it.

By KrazyK (Guest Post)01/17/2009

Years ago at a craft fair in Corpus Christi I saw an old machine decorated with ribbon and flowers. Wish I had taken a picture as I now have a machine I would like to decorate.

By Ariela [33]11/07/2006

You could remove the drawers and sell them on Ebay. Or..
use the drawers as a cabinet. There are some for sale on ebay. ... 40&satitle=sewing+machine+drawer

look here to see some that were already sold on Ebay, you can make your own useing the sewing machine top as a top for the drawers. Ebay also sells racks for the drawers.. just slide them in
emailing the seller first to make sure they are the right size. ... sQQsspagenameZhQ3ahQ3aadvsearchQ3aUS

heres an URL to see some racks. ... =&saprchi=&fsop=1%26fsoo%3D1

By Ariela [33]04/27/2006

A friend built a frame and stained it, then put in the drawers from his moms old singer sewing machine! Its beautiful and so handy in the kitchen. You could even hang it on a wall . I have been looking for one ever since I saw his. Now that I want one I never see them. But I keep looking :) One day ill take a picture and post it here.

By melody_yesterday [213]04/27/2006

i have a small collection of vintage hats with feathers & have had them displayed at varied heighths on top of the sewing cabinet & at one time used it as a desk, the drawers were catch alls for the clutter

RE: Other Uses for an Old Sewing Machine

By ro (Guest Post)10/14/2005

Hi.I am looking a old sewing machine.If anyone wants to give it to me free or by money it is r_emirhan @ (remove spaces)

By rhi (Guest Post)09/18/2005

you can make clothes with it... that is if its not broken... hehe... or u could make it into a nice display for people to see.... hope this helps. lots of love rhi

By (Guest Post)05/23/2005

I have seen them made into hall tables and the legs shortened so that it makes a proper height coffee table.
The most striking conversion was with a marbled slab laid on top.

By Donna (Guest Post)05/19/2005

If you don't need the machine,remove the legs, leave one whole,cut the other in half and re-attach on each side of the whole one. ( This requires brazing or welding) When completed, you have a beautiful four legged base. We cut a piece of smoky dark glass for the top,painted the base black and taped it off and did the Singer emblem in gold..It is SO georgous.

By Di (Guest Post)05/19/2005

Hi Kim: I have the same problem and have enjoyed reading the responses. We downsized & moved to Florida and mine is still in the garage. Now, I just have to get my husband in agreement to let me move it inside somewhere. He thinks all new white stuff is the only thing we can have in a Florida home. We are squeezed for space. I love the plant table idea. Best wishes, Di originally from West Virginia

By Kim from Virginia (Guest Post)05/19/2005

Thanks for the great ideas. I can't wait to get started!!

By Firefly1985 (Guest Post)05/19/2005

If it has little drawers, you could use it as a bill paying station and store your stamps etc or maybe a scrapbooking area.

By Cheryl from Missouri (Guest Post)05/18/2005

You can make a make-up vanity out of it. Here's how:

Remove the sewing machine from the cabinet.

The lid usually opens to the side. Relocate the hinges so the lid opens from the front and stands up. Mount a square mirror tile with glue.

Line any drawers with a complimentary color of velvet or silk. Fill drawers with perfume and makeup bottles.

By Judith Muelling05/18/2005

I put mine in front of my big diningroom window which faces north-west. I put my flowering plants (violets) on it and it looks great. I made some quilted place mats (small) to put under each pot incase of stray water. I hope this helps you.

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