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Cat Litter For Traction On Ice

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By sprinkling clean cat litter on your sidewalk or driveway, it may save you from a bad fall and it will give you traction if you have ice under the snow. Remember the cat litter won't hurt your lawn either. You don't have a cat? Well you are missing out on a loving pet and she or he could be saving you from a fall on the ice besides. Cat litter is cheap from the discount stores.

Source: Family Almanac 2010

By latrtatr


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By Patty [11]01/19/2011

I've used the kitty litter a few times & will not again. At least in my cases, the cat litter turned to a nasty mush! Didn't help me at all for tire traction, ust sprayed the 'mush' all over the place. Protect your clothing if you try it! I didn't. :(

By Cathy01/18/2011

It's important to only use clay litter with no additives. Besides killing your grass, your carpet can also become discolored if the litter contains "odor killers".

By Laura Tarasoff01/18/2011

Make sure it's not a litter with ammonia as the freshness ingredient. That's harmful to a lot of things.

By Juli Karel01/18/2011

Just make sure it's not the kind that clumps together. It gets slick as snot, but the regular cat litter works great for both getting stuck and on concrete. I keep some in the trunk of my car for those just in case moments.

By LisaE [18]01/18/2011

For those who live in snowy winters, I highly suggest to keep a bag of cat litter in the trunk of your car. If your car wheels lose traction on snow and ice, place litter under your tires. This might give you enough traction to get you out of the slick spot.

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