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Ideas for "Cheer Baskets"


I need ideas for creating "Cheer Baskets" for widows, shut-ins, etc in our community.




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By Myrna 16 1,074 12/04/2007

I used to work in a nursing home facility and so I speak from experience here. These are some of the things I have witnessed residents receiving as appreciated gifts.

Do your homework first and get to learn about such individuals in your community and that would make people very pleased knowing someone took the time to find out a little bit about them.

A gift box of toiletries are always appreciated that includes, shampoo, lotion, bath soap, or sample items.
Gotta be careful here as some people have allergies to certain soaps and latex products.

Also, a soft lap blanket with cozy socks and hot chocolate are bound to please.

A pretty stationery set with prestamped envelopes and pen and perhaps a package of cookies or box of candy or herbal teas or coffee.

You might include some humor via joke or funny story in each Cheer Basket to induce a chuckle or two.

If it's games, there's jigsaw puzzles, crossword and word search puzzles and include a pen or pencil. Some elderly enjoy coloring book and crayons too.

It is a good thing to give something that stimulates the brain and makes one think to force the mind to continue functioning well.

If you know of someone who enjoys crafting, you might make a Cheer Basket of yarns, knitting or crochet hooks, free patterns off the internet or embroidery sewing items.

Good luck to you and I love your idea of a "Cheer Basket" for the widows and shut ins in your community. God bless you and your efforts.

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By joan pecsek 88 545 12/04/2007

Paperback books, a box of all-occasion cards and some stamps, a telephone calling card so they can so they can call long distance.

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By CArol in PA (Guest Post) 12/05/2007

I see others have given some good ideas. I thought of postage stamps and envelopes. But I also think a box of greeting cards to be a good idea. I also like the idea of puzzle books or even used magazines they may not have been able to read.

God Bless you for your kindness to others.

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By Ruth Counter 2 72 12/05/2007

Great ideas. How about tossing in a few oranges and bright red apples?

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By badwater 263 654 12/05/2007

For a lady, you might include a nicely scented body powder, a pretty hankerchief, a pretty scarf. For a gentleman, some flavored chapstick, a nice handkerchief maybe with his initial embroidered on it. My sister used to take a widowed relative: home baked muffins, homemade soup & candies a few times a year. She said he really enjoyed her visits & especially appreciated the homemade goodies.

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By (Guest Post) 12/06/2007

My mom lives with us and I know that crossword puzzle books or word finds would be good. Hard candy - she needs sugarless. Small bottles of lotion, etc. May God bless you in your efforts

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