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Keeping Clothes White In Well Water

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How to get white clothes white washing in well water?

Marsha from Norfolk, Nebraska



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By Sandee (Guest Post)07/13/2007

I am having the same problem, but I was blaming myself for not getting my clothing as white as I wanted them to be. Then our well-pump burned out and we had to have it replaced. The water had several bursts of brown when running it--I finally gave up waiting for it to clear completely and washed whites, including son's karate uniform in it. YUCK! They looked terrible--I rewashed again with Rit whitener and brightener and vinegar--it helped some. I did not dry the worst looking clothes. Told hubby either the brown water or I would leave the house--he put a filter on the water. A lady told me to try Iron Out, too, so I will yet. She said it's in the hardware section of WalMart. A free lesson for well owners--if you have to turn the water off, don't do it for very long, or your pump may burn up, too.

By Stacy Wolf [3]07/11/2007

We have a water softener, but whenever I wash my whites I use the following and they never turn yellow.
I start the water in the washer, then I add 1/2 cup of Cascade Powder Dishwasher soap, 1/4 cup of bleach, and my usual amout of laundry detergent for the load of laundry. I can also put white shirts in this with print on them, and they do not fade. Good Luck

By Shera [4]07/11/2007

Years ago with our old wringer washer my Mom used to do the white clothes first and have the wash water as hot as possible.

I have also used Calgon water softener crystals with great success and Iron Out is really great for things that have alrerady yellowed from the water.

By (Guest Post)07/11/2007

oh, yes, bleach and well water. ...depending what is in your water...iron, etc. is not something you want to do!!!!

By (Guest Post)07/11/2007

I have to tell you this story...we moved from a town into the country with a well (1974), the first week here I washed clothing and when putting them in the drawer with the others brought from town...I was horrified to see everything was at least 2 shades duller and yellow, etc.
It was the well water...we had very, very little money at the time but called a specialist and invested in a water conditioner. Once you have one, you will NEVER want to be without it!!
Your appliances and plumbing and everything that touches water in your home will eventually be ruined if you don't and that cost is far more expensive.

By Debbie, Columbia, SC (Guest Post)07/10/2007

Try Downy liquid whitener it is wonderful!

By Sabrina Barr [19]07/04/2007

I have well water and I put 1/2cup of vinegar in the machine and wash as normal.Keeps clothes from turning yellow.

By vee (Guest Post)07/03/2007

There only one thing I use for my white clothes and I have well water, its called Iron Out you can get it at Wal Mart. it works for me but very strong follow dirctions carefully. I hope this helps.

By Dianna07/03/2007

Some suggestions (I would try these one at a time until you find what works):

1. Good old-fashioned bleach
2. Bluing--helps if your whites are a bit yellow, like from bleach. (
3. Rit Whitener and Brightener (
4. Rit White-Wash (strong stuff; removes dye) (
5. Sun-bleaching

Good luck!

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